Welcome to The Outspoken Cyclist On Line!

It long ago became apparent that there needed to be a way for you, the listener, to go back through the archived shows easily and quickly.  And so, we’ve created the TOC Blog.

Each show is numbered and listed in reverse chronological order.  I will be back-filling to Show #1 as quickly as I can.    Within a few weeks, there should be an index of shows by number and date with the guests’ names listed.  There will also be categories such as advocacy,  urban transportation, racing, book reviews, etc.

You can always search by name, date, or any other key word that might come to mind to find out if I’ve already interviewed a specific guest, reviewed a book, or linked to a specific web site or article.

There will also be a link to the podcast so that you can download it to your computer or other listening device immediately.  Sharing is encouraged!

Occasionally, I will have an “opinion” post, but for the most part,  this blog is for your information.  I want to create an “Outspoken Cyclist Community” of sorts and so also welcome your comments and input.

As always, thank you for listening!