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  1. Diane, in answer to your “question of the week”, my wife and I are signed up for a Pedal Across Wisconsin (PAW) Northwoods Tour in July. We’ll be riding our Burley tandem.

    Incidentally, my wife is a retired RN and now teaches Gentle Yoga and Chair Yoga. She, recently, took training for Tai Chi for Arthritis and plans to start teaching that in March.

    Grinnell, IA

  2. Diane: in your 3/28 Outspoken Cyclist podcast you were wondering out loud why cyclists wearing team kit of the pros was generally frowned upon.

    I think it harkens back to wearing a replica Tour de France yellow jersey or World Championship rainbow jersey- if you didn’t earn the jersey, don’t wear it – or a replica of it. It’s an acknowledgement of the level of commitment and athletic achievement it takes to earn those colors.

    Below is a link to a Cyclist UK article that takes a position in support of wearing team kit



    Mike Ignatowicz
    Tucson, AZ and Canton, CT

    1. Hi Mike,

      Thank you for your message. And, thanks for reminding me of the World and TdF jerseys. You are absolutely correct. I will share the article you offered too. Finally – thanks for being a loyal listener. Diane

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