Artispin – Brian Jenks

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  1. Hi,

    My name is Adam Hokin and I’m the COO of PedalCell, a company that specializes in powering technology onboard bicycles. We are in the midst of launching our product that we feel could be of interest to your Outspoken Cyclist Podcast listeners.

    CadenceX converts a rider’s motion into stable and consistent electricity to power their electronics, ranging from smartphones, lighting, GPS navigators, cameras, and pretty much any USB device (photos + more info attached). Our patent-pending architecture produces upwards of 6X more electricity than most dynamos with stable power that can be added to almost any bicycle in minutes. We found this product creates a huge value for bikepackers, tour riders, commuters and more!

    My co-founder and I are college students who have been working on this product over the past 5 years. While we are frequent cyclists, our background stems from the electronics industry, giving us a unique perspective on the current and future states of cycling technology.

    We’re in the midst of prepping the launch of our CadenceX pre-orders and would love to talk more about how we could collaborate (happy to send a review unit). Let me know if you’re interested!


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