Show #560 – June 19, 2021

Guests: Carter Strickland; Kyle Wagenschutz

Their motto is “public land for public good”… and today, we speak with the NY State Director for the Trust for Public Land, Carter Strickland.

TPL was founded in 1972 on the conviction that all people need and deserve access to nature and the outdoors, close to home, in the cities and communities where they live, as a matter of health, equity, and justice.

From transforming schoolyards into parks to working with communities and organizations to procure land and rights-of-ways for creation and expansion of trails and greenways, TPL works its magic across the entire country.

Kyle Wagenschutz, the VP of Local Innovation for People For Bikes, talks about this year’s most bikeable cities. The 2021 City Ratings came out recently and of course, I rushed to see if any Ohio cities made the list. (listen in to find out!)

When People For Bikes starts working on their “most bikeable cities” ratings
list each year, and the work begins on the next year as soon as the current year’s results are published, the criteria come from a lot more places than one would imagine.

It’s at the ground level – towns and cities and even villages – where PFB’s looks to gather data that shows how easily one can get around by bike… and, that data is crunched up and spit out to produce not only a list of great places to ride, but some comparative ideas to adopt or adapt to make every city more bike friendly.

PS – Here is the story about Harrison Ford riding 40 miles per day getting ready for Indiana Jones 5.

Show #559 – June 12, 2021

Guests: David Bradford; John Surico

This week, we jump across the pond (as they say) to speak with David Bradford.  David is the fitness editor for Cycling Weekly and his article titled   “Why Is the peloton hiding its true colors?” is getting a lot of attention – in fact, it caught mine!

David spent a lot of time trying to find someone to speak with him about the topic of gay riders in the pro peloton.  Out of 968 competitors, the statistical probability that not one of these riders is gay is about one in a trillion – he called his mathematics buddy to establish the probabilities.

But, even after his article was published,  the response from male riders has been crickets.

Statistically, it’s beyond improbable that there are NO gay men out of the 968 riders David uses as his sample.  So, what’s going on here?

I wanted to know more and I also wondered whether women are more likely to just come out and tell it like it is – and, we find that they are.

Then, we meet up once again with journalist, teacher, and urban planning researcher, John Surico.

When last we spoke – back in April – we talked about what life was going to be like post-pandemic and how cities have and will continue to respond.

Now, his new piece for Bloomberg’s City Lab, “Greenway Stimulus Could Bring Boom In Biking and Walking Trails,” focuses on the possibility of a $10B – that’s billion with a capital B – boost for greenways.  From BIG projects like the ECG to your neighborhood connector to a local path, biking and walking are slowly making their way to center stage in legislation large and small all over the country.

Show #558 – June 5, 2021

Guests: Clarice Lorenzini; Elli Sias

In an article she wrote for’s triathlon site on May 19th, Clarice Lorenzini says:

I’m Clarice Lorenzini and I’m Here To Make A Difference.”

As the only Asian-American Pro Triathlete on the Ironman Circuit, Clarice is bound and determined to race proud as a member of the AAPI community as well as give back to the cycling community at large with ongoing advocacy.

Our conversation today runs the gamut from where she grew up and went to college – in NY – to what she does in addition to racing and coaching and we get into some depth about why more Asian Americans aren’t racing on the pro circuit and why it’s important that we talk about it.

Racing her first Ironman as a sponsored pro in Tulsa recently – apropos as it coincided with the commemoration of the Tulsa Massacre – Clarice and I delve into what’s it’s like to stand on the start line and not see anyone who looks like you.

In February of 2020, we spoke with Elli Sias from Cycle of Life Adventures as she explained what it was taking to get even the smallest group on tour.

Now, bicycle touring is opening up again after the fifteen or so months of shut-down, and Elli’s business is not only open – it’s booming. With an already 80% full rate on many of her offerings, Elli and I talk about three of her many wonderful adventures including the Asheville Fundo, the Bluegrass and Bourbon Tours – oh, yeah… we’re up for that;  and the 33-day epic Mighty Mississippi tour.

Show #557 – May 29, 2021

Guest: Dave Snyder – CalBike

We talk about advocacy, safety, trails, and planning a lot; and today, we wrap much of that into a conversation with Dave Sndyer, the executive director of CalBike – the California Bicycle Coalition.

Dave was BORN to advocacy… I don’t mean that as literally as it sounds; but, his passion for the work started in college and has never waned.  Today, Dave as the ED of the California Bike Coalition his commitment to safer streets and more people riding is still his focus and he’ s killing it with both ideas and action.

From the $10M eBike Affordability Program to the Bicycle Tourism Initiative, CalBike is paving the way for more people on bikes more of the time – safely. Oh, and then there’s the issue of decriminalizing jaywalking!

Clearly dialed in to what is and needs to happen to keep us safe on California roads as least, I think most any advocacy organization would benefit from some of the work Dave is doing.  And, Dave’s answers to what is most important to preserve any gains we’ve made during COVID in terms of more, better, and safe biking, are spot on.

Show #556 – May 22, 2021

Guests: Dr. Etienne Krug; Jim Langley

This week, Dr. Etienne Krug, Director of the Department of Social Determinants of Health at WHO, joins me to talk about the UN Global Road Safety Week – it’s not only a thing – it’s a BIG thing! Every day, 3,000 children and young people are killed or seriously injured on the world’s roads.  It’s a statistic that is both staggering and sobering. Dr. Krug and I will talk about that and a lot more in a moment.

The hashtag is #Love30 and its meaning could be the difference between losing thousands of children’s lives every year – worldwide – from street crashes and saving them.

But, #Love30 means a whole lot more than that and Dr., Etienne Krug,  joins me today to talk about Global Safety Week, and more.

Then, I talk with Jim Langley.  His name and his work in cycling go back decades.  If you receive the RBR Newsletter every Thursday, or watch his YouTube channel to learn things such as how to build wheels, or any of a number of other of his fingers-in-the-gamut-of-bicycle pies, you know who I mean.   Then there is his extensive and comprehensive website,

And, last week Jim completed one of his long-time goals riding 10,000 consecutive days.  I thought THAT unto itself was impressive enough to chat with him.  But, the conversation is a whole lot more

Show #555 – May 15, 2021

Guest: Rob DeMartini

This week’s show is short – one conversation and some current news.

For many of you, it might seem as if we are beating the topic of inclusion in our sport to death; but, whether you ride with a club, race on a local team, or enter any of the many many events that will come back this cycling season, I would venture to say that the riders who participate with you also probably look a lot like you.

And THAT is what many people in the bicycle world – from local advocacy groups to manufacturers and everyone in-between are trying to address in one form or another.

In the broadest sense, and his organization, USA Cycling are trying to take on the topic in a way I haven’t yet seen and, I believe it has some merit.

As a bit of background, we recently spoke with Kendall Young who was suggesting that the UCI and by extension, USA Cycling should pull the Cross World Championships out of Arkansas, stating that the draconian transgender youth laws the Arkansas legislature passed need to be acknowledged with boycotts and other visible as well as financial means.

In counter-point, Rob DeMartini will explain why that isn’t a good idea and what USA Cycling is suggesting.

In addition, Rob fill us in on the latest about the upcoming – we hope – Olympics and the new “We Champion” initiative that will launch in two weeks.

I also wanted to offer up a GREAT video presented by Shimano as a way to bring in a little love and humor.  I LOVE love love dogs and Shimano nails it with their 9 minute video “A Dog’s Tale.”

Show #554 – May 8, 2021

Guests: Alan Murchison; Bruce Hagen

Last week, I had probably one of the most interesting conversations ever about food and cycling.

To say that Alan Murchison, who is a Scottish Michelin Star Chef, is passionate about his work, might be a gross understatement.

On the road for 80 days this year as the chef for the Canyon-SRAM Women’s World Team, Alan Murchison has had to learn about the wide variety of palettes of his 14 riders from 9 different nationalities.

He rises to the occasion with his down-to-earth thinking about food, the people he is serving, and his experience.
He LOVES cycling and he LOVES making food – talk about a win-win!

His new book, The Cycling Chef – Recipes for Getting Lean and Fueling the Machine – offers up not only some great recipes, but the kind of nutritional information that’s also easy to digest.

My second guest is Bruce Hagen. Bruce is the “people’s lawyer” in Atlanta and is immersed in not only helping cyclists in the event of crashes, altercations with law enforcement, and teaching police about the laws around cycling, he also is deeply committed to bicycle advocacy – giving back as much as he can.

Bruce Hagen has a great perspective on cycling and the law. Apparently, he’s also an expert on the Atlanta restaurant scene and in addition to his legal advice, is happy to offer a recommendation about where to eat what in his city.

Watch one of Bruce’s “Atlanta Eats” episodes!

Practicing his trade for over 30 years though, Bruce has been able to bridge some of the gaps between cyclists, police, and legislature with no illusions as to when things work and when things don’t.

Show #553 – May 1, 2021

Guests: Jon Biemer; Javier Sanchez; Dennis Markatos_Soriano

You might remember that, two weeks ago, we spoke with members of the Business Climate Leaders organization about the importance of a bill introduced into Congress by Representative Deutch of Florida that would begin putting a price on carbon emissions.

Today, we bring it down to a personal level with Jon Biemer.  Jon is a Portland Engineer and Energy Conservation Expert and he believes we can CALL be energy conservation experts too.

Jon’s diverse background includes process psychology as well as engineering and conservation, had a “vision” of a sort back in 2013.

He didn’t feel as if he could get much better at reducing his own footprint on the planet, but he could see so many ways that all of us could become proactive as opposed to reactive with a deep sense of generosity.

His new book, Our Environmental Handprints, outlines the many small and large steps we can take – as individuals, families, and communities – to “Recover the Land, Reverse Global Warming, Reclaim the Future,”

Javier Sanchez is the Miami Dolphins Foundation Director of Development & Partnerships.  Back on April 10th, the Foundation held its 11th annual Dolphins Challenge Cancer ride with over 3300 participants.

Touting the title of the largest fundraising event by any sports franchise, DCC XI raised over $6M this year alone – and every penny goes directly to cancer research.

If you are ready to get back out to some larger events, especially events where you come together with friends and colleagues for a philanthropic fundraiser, or maybe you’d like to ride with some of your favorite Miami Dolphin’s players, perhaps you’ll head down to Florida next winter for the 12th annual Dolphins Challenge Cancer Ride.

You could even be knighted by the team’s Coach Flores as you come across the finish line when he presents you with your medal and announces your name. To whet your appetite for a century ride, or maybe a 50 or 62 miler, Javier Sanchez, the Miami Dolphins Director of Development and Partnerships, is here to lure you to Florida next winter.

Lastly, we check in with Dennis Markatos-Soriano, the executive director of the East Coast Greenway.  And, in the interest of full disclosure, I am an advisory board member of the Greenway.

I wanted to talk with Dennis about a ride that is coming up to highlight the section of the Greenway from NYC to Philadelphia.  It’s the first ever for this ride and only 500 people can attend.  There aren’t a lot of spots left – about 175 when Dennis and I spoke a couple of days ago – but, I wanted him to fill you in on it.

He also told me that just that day, ECG had posted a new job opening for a coordinator for the NY and NJ area and that this ride will fund that position.

Show #551 – April 17, 2021

Guests: Randy Salim & Rich Fein; Kendall Young

This week, it’s about climate and carbon pricing first.

There is, of course, a sea change of thought and action in Washington about climate, thank goodness, and the need for action; and the bicycle industry has a place in that conversation.

And, there’s has been a lot of talk about carbon pricing and frankly, I didn’t really understand it. It’s not a new idea and in fact, what we are going to discuss with Randy Salim and Rich Fein from the Business Climate Leaders organization in an effort to finally get the Energy Innovation and Carbon
Dividend bill passed that has been introduced in Congress for the third time.

This time might be different though as momentum builds for a new infrastructure bill that includes climate initiatives to help stem the rise of greenhouse gases.

And, to that end, more than 200,000 people from over 1,000 companies are actively involved in the Business Climate Leaders organization.

My second guest is Kendall Young from SpinCycle LLC. Working behind the scenes as the guy behind the guy behind the guy, as he puts it, Kendall matches his clients with product managers to spec bicycles.

And, after over the 30 years in the business, he has some deep insight as well as sage advice as we face months-long waits for parts and accessories.
Kendall Young works with high-end European brands and talks to all the US product managers to spec products that we all want to buy.

In an editorial for Bicycle Retailer titled “the value of diversifying the supply chain,” Kendall stresses a need to move from single-source suppliers to multi-source options and as our conversation unfolds, he explains the reality of the shortages and what we can expect and when.