Show #612 – September 21, 2022

Guests: Jonathan Maus; Will Tracy

On this episode, I’m going to introduce you to a young cycling journalist whose professional journey began in college.

One thing that he says at the beginning of our conversation struck me as SO true – that unless your parents, or someone close to you, shows you the way, getting into the sport of bicycle racing is not very easy.

Nonetheless, Will Tracy did do some bike racing but found that reporting on and photographing the sport was much more rewarding for him.

I discovered Will when he penned a piece about a fight between two teams that ended up with suspensions from racing.  And, I was surprised, because I don’t think of cycling as a hand-to-hand combat sport.

To begin however, we bring Jonathan Maus, editor and publisher of Bike Portland, back to TOC for a conversation about a topic that I didn’t even know was a “thing.”

Here in the Cleveland area, I am not aware of huge homeless encampments.  I am, of course aware that we have a homeless population, but it’s difficult for me to comprehend large encampments with tents, walls, and piles and piles of bikes and parts.

Which brings me to the topic – homelessness and bike theft.  Apparently, that’s a thing too and Los Angeles has even gone so far as to enact legislation to deal with the issue.

Jonathan wrote about homelessness and bike theft and the new legislation in LA for Bike Portland back in June.  But it turns out that he’s been aware of the issue – in Portland – and has been involved with helping to sort out the theft from what might just be transportation or recreation.

We talk about a few other topics too and in the second half of our conversation… well, you’ll just have to listen because there are some things happening in Portland that I don’t think are happening anywhere else – such as the “Carry Shit Olympics.”  Yep you heard that right!

(photo of Jonathan taken by Eleni Maus)

Show #211 – September 13, 2014

Guests: Robin Bylenga, Richard Fries , David Trimble

September 13th and it’s FALL here in NE Ohio! Temps are cool, winds are blowin’, and the leaves have started turning colors.

September is also Interbike time and we will hear about this year’s event from a colleague of mine from Greenville, SC. Robin Bylenga is the proprietor of Pedal Chic. Robin gives us a glimpse into what the industry is offering for 2015 as well as her thoughts about the IBD and what s/he is up against when it comes to competing with on line marketers.

Richard Fries, who is one of our perennial favorite guests, will fill us in on what he’s been up to including an opportunity to announce the UCI Para Cycling World Championship races for television audiences. He shares his work with Anthony Shriver and the Best Buddies Challenge and gives us an update on the Providence CycloCross progress toward becoming a World Cup event.

Finally, we will speak with David Trimble, the director and founder of the Red Hook Criterium Series. Starting with a simple birthday ride idea back in 2008, the Red Hook has become one of the premiere non-sanctioned events growing from one race in Brooklyn, NY to a worldwide series. The final race of 2014 will be held in Milano, Italy next month.

So, hang on to your handlebars and we’re off to Las Vegas!