Show #203 – July 19, 2014

Guests: Betsy Andreu; Ultra Endurance Rider Scott Luikart; Entrepreneur & Cyclist Cathy Rogers

Oh yeah – mid Tour we’ve seen it ALL… epic rides off the front, crashes that caused many of those who might have otherwise been on the podiums to abandon, and an off-the-back 50km ride by Andrew Talansky that had all of France, if not all the world, watching as he needed to cross the finish line to qualify for the next day’s ride as well as show what it’s like to be a true team player. If you aren’t following this year’s Tour de France, I would suggest that it’s one of the best in recent history!

So, here’s what’s happening on the show this week.

My first guest is Betsy Andreu. Since it became FACT that what she and her husband Frankie said long ago about Lance Armstrong’s history with doping, she has experienced both unbearable stress and great joy. Coming out the other side, Betsy is now enjoying life, raising her three kids – well 4 if you include Frankie – and working to bring an anti-doping message to kids. In fact, she is asking that children and parents visit USADA’s TrueSport site and “take the pledge!”

I also speak with the 24-Hour National Challenge Record Holder, Scott Luikart. When Scott’s twin brother Mark was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Scott kicked his commitments into high gear and rides to help raise funds and awareness for Parkinson Research. Scott set the 24-hour record this year by riding 511+ miles in the annual Michigan challenge. But, not resting on his laurels, Scott is training for the 2015 RAAM. Scott tells us how he is able to train for these ultra-endurance events while still working full time and being a father and husband. He’ll share some advice as to how to get into ultra-distance ridings as well as making it to the finish line successfully.

Finally, we’ll speak with Cathy Rogers from AeroTech Designs Cyclewear. Cathy has been a cyclist all her life and, coming from that era when cycling apparel was ONLY for men and often inappropriate in a lot of ways, began making her own clothing. Well, you know how that goes – one thing leads to another and suddenly, she found herself in the apparel business – full time. Speaking with us from a dorm room in Madison, WI as she wends her way back home from an epic cross-country ride, Cathy will tell us all about Aero Tech and her philosophy on good customer relationships.

Show #116 – November 10, 2012



  1. (verb) To ingest banned substance(s), or engage in medical practice(s) designed to artificially enhance athletic performance. Activity engaged in by many professional athletes, including professional bicycle racers. See also: UCI, Lance Armstrong, Dr. Michele Ferrari.

Doping in professional cycling affects not only the riders, but their families and the sponsor companies that provide the money that makes the sport possible in the first place. This week, The Outspoken Cyclist serves up interviews with two folks who fall into this second category:

  • Jamie Fuller is the CEO of Skins International, a maker of performance-enhancing compression garments. Skins is heavily invested in sponsorship of a number of endurance sports, including cycling. The company has also taken great care to protect its brand and image from ethical tarnish. In the wake of the recent Lance Armstrong/UCI scandal, Skins has filed a $2M lawsuit against the UCI. Hear the full story from Jamie Fuller himself in the first half of today’s show.
  • Betsy Andreu is married to former U.S. Postal racer Frankie Andreu. She’s also the person who witnessed the Lance Armstrong “hospital room” conversation where he admitted to using PEDs. As a result of going public with this accusation, Betsy was vilified and intimidated for many years. Now that others have come forward, she’s been vindicated, and she talks with Diane this week about how this ordeal has affected her and her family, and her perspective on where the sport needs to go from here.