Show #651 May 28, 2024

Guests: Carla Francome; Dave Wilkinson

I’m not sure how I ended up with two guests who exhibit almost identical traits – they’re gutsy, funny, and passionate about everything they do.

And yet, they are completely different from one another.

Guest #1 is Carla Francome.  She lives, works, and rides in London.  She’s a TV producer and a cycling advocate extraordinaire. I discovered her on Twitter (X) and just knew she’d be a great guest. 

We chatted about so many things from the work she has done in television to her experience of trying clipless pedals for the first time.

Carla is also a bicycle campaigner – especially for women. 

When she found her work as a TV producer coming to a screeching halt, mainly due to the writer’s strike, she transitioned to a new industry taking her amazing ability for storytelling with her all the while raising two kids and riding – riding her bike in central London, which has been transformed from a crowded car-centric city to a place where riding your bike is commonplace.

As you will hear, she’s enthusiastic, funny, and gutsy!

Since our conversation, she did in fact complete her 100 mile century ride – in clipless pedals I might add.  And, Sadiq Khan was reelected Mayor of London, so more good things for cycling should be coming to the City.  Follow Carla on Twitter (X) @carlafrancome. 

Then, Guest #2 actually contacted me several months ago to let me know he is about to embark on RAAM.  His “handle” is speedy turtle, so that’s the first thing that caught my attention.  Then, I come to find out he is blind and has been blind since birth.

Apparently though, nothing stops Dave Wilkinson – not rain, nor snow, nor crashes – in fact, any challenge that would seem daunting to me is a “let’s have it” from him.

RAAM is a team effort and Dave Wilkinson makes it abundantly clear how true that is.

He’s completed marathons – his first when he was 40, as well as Ironman triathlons.  He is a skier and apparently, he’s pretty fearless because Dave was born blind. 

Clearly, that has never stopped him and not only is his goal is to complete RAAM as the first solo blind rider, but he intends to do it in under 11 days.

Why is his handle Speedy Turtle? Let’s ask him.

I have NO doubt that he will complete RAAM and wish him and his Captain, Jim Trout a speedy sub-11 day ride!   You can follow them on the RAAM site, once the race is underway or at

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