Show #465 – August 10, 2019

Guests: Dr. Jonathan Hersch; Luke Edwardes-Evans

This week, we have two very different conversations for you – one about a book, but not really all about a book, and another with our friend Dr. Jonathan Hersch, but not really about orthopedic matters.

Cryptic enough?

Okay, let’s start with Dr. Hersch. We had already decided we were going to discuss what happens in crashes and emergency-type treatments when he had an incident last Sunday that really disturbed him; and, he wanted to discuss it.

Fortunately, he wasn’t injured and he didn’t crash – but, what MIGHT have happened has spurred him to take on an advocacy role in the his home state of Florida – which touts the depressing statistic of being the deadliest state in the U.S. in which to ride your bike. We’ll get to that conversation in a moment.

After a break, including some cycling news, we’ll head to the U.K. for a long-awaited chat with Luke Edwardes-Evans about his new book, The Official Tour de France Bike Maintenance Book.

Luke isn’t a mechanic, he’s a journalist; and, I couldn’t remember where I’d seen his name, besides on the cover of the book.

But, as we started talking I realized – he had been editor of Winning Magazine and a past editor of Cycle Sport!
Luke and I cover a lot of territory in our lively conversation- including some of his roles in the cycling world and, oh yes, we talk about the book too!

Show #457 – June 15, 2019

Guests: Dr. Jonathan Hersch; Tracy & Peter Flucke; Dr. Evan Friss

In part III of our orthopedic sports injury series with Dr. Jonathan Hersch, we explore hip impingement. When you feel that pain in your hip, it just might be the beginnings of what could become a chronic issue. Dr. Hersch tells us what to look for and when to seek treatment.

Last year, we spoke with tandem couple Tracy and Peter Fluke about their work and about the7,000 mile tandem trip they were planning at the time.

Well, on June 1st, they pushed off from the west coast, and this evening we catch up with them for the first of a series of on-the-road conversations as they make their way towards New Orleans.

And, then we talk with history Professor Evan Friss. His new book, On Bicycles, a 200 year history of cycling in New York City, traces the bicycle, the people who rode them, and the way t he city has interacted with them beginning way back in 1819.

Show #453 – May 18, 2019

Guests: Mara Abbott; Karen Empie; Dr. Jonathan Hersch


Our first guest is Mara Abbott. Abbott is the first U.S. cyclist to win the Giro Donne, one of the Grand Tour’s of women’s bicycle racing.

She’s been our national road race champion, has won the tour of Gila multiple times, and decided to retire after the 2016 Olympics where she placed 4th in the women’s road race.

Today, Mara is a freelance journalist and her recent article for titled “Retired Athletes Open Up About Post Career Battles” caught our attention.

Mara gives us some insight into what it takes to be an elite athlete – how who we are shapes the athlete you are and how the athlete you are shapes the person you become.
Her insights are fascinating.

Then, we head to upstate NY to speak with ride director Karen Empie about the 19th annual Great Big FANY ride.
Say what you will about the name, but this week-long ride through NY, this year with a brand new course, will offer something for everyone as it winds its way from Plattsburg up north to the heart of Hudson Valley where it ends in Poughkeepsie – home of the Culinary Institute of America.

And, finally we welcome Dr. Jonathan Hersch back to the show for the second in our four-part series on orthopedic sports. This time, we’re talking knees from taking good

Show #450 – April 27, 2019

Guests: Dan Wuori; Inga Thompson; Dr. Jonathan Hersch

First up, it’s time to check in with our man-in-the-pro-know Dan Wuori. With the Spring classics well under way, Dan will talk with us about some of the big stories from the cobbles, what’s going on with world champ Peter Sagan, and more.

Then, it’s a warm welcome back to retired pro and fierce women’s advocate, Inga Thomspon. Inga and I have been planning to chat for some time; but, we needed to wait until one of her new projects was in place.

The Inga Thompson Foundation – which is a not for profit enterprise – has launched with the goal of enabling women’s cycling with support of promising riders.

It’s especially timely because, after last week’s article about Rebecca Twigg, Inga has also dedicated a piece of her work to helping Rebecca.

Then, as promised, we have the first of our 4-part series on injuries that many cyclists face with orthopedic sports specialist Dr. Jonathan Hersch.

Dr. Hersch practices in Boca Raton, Florida and our episode tonight is about clavicles – collarbones if you will.