Show #249 – June 6, 2015

Guests: Dr. Roger Kruse; Dr. Zach Mellion; Dave Chauner

This week we are talking about the body’s ability to heal itself.  Okay, that‘s a bit cryptic; so, with a little help from a qualified physician and testimony from another physician who has been through the procedures, we’re going to learn how your own stem cells and blood platelets can ease a lot of pain and begin to recreate some of your own bone, cartilage, and more.

We’re talking stem cell therapy. Cutting edge?: you bet! Out of reach for most of us?: not at all!

Dr. Zach Mellion is still under the age of 40. He and his wife are avid cyclists. They have three young children and both Zach and his wife have busy medical practices. Zach is an orthodontist; his wife is a veterinarian.

So, when doctors told Zach that the pain in his knees had been addressed as far as medical science could offer with therapy and even surgery, Zach said – there has to be something else.

His journey led him to Dr. Christopher Centeno in Broomfield, Colorado. Dr. Centeno is the force behind Rengenxx – a practice that uses a variety of your own body’s stem cells and plasma rich platelets to “regenerate” and heal.

Zach flew out to Broomfield, Colorado for a consult; and, everything he read and heard led him to go ahead with the procedure(s). And that is how Zach found himself of the offices of our first guest, Dr. Roger Kruse.  Dr. Kruse’s work centers around family practice and sports medicine  in Toledo, Ohio.  He is also the force behind the Promedica Regenerative Medical Facility.

Dr. Kruse is a board certified physician who has been practicing medicine for over 37 years and has a list of accomplishments that include attending physician for three Olympic games; current doctor for the U.S. National Skating Team, and doctor to the University Toledo sports teams – to name a very few!

So, in the interest of full disclosure: Zach is a friend and customer; and, I am currently in preparation for a regenerative procedure at Dr. Kruse’s facility in mid-July. That is how the whole show came together.

Tonight, we will hear from both Dr. Kruse and Zach about what the procedure is, how it works, and why this new area of medical treatment has suddenly become 50% of Dr. Kruse’s practice!

After some news – including some snarky commentary about the World Naked Bike Ride – we will head on out to Connecticut to speak with a 2-time Olympian, Pan-Am Games medalist, and the promoter of many of the high-profile events we once saw here in the U.S.

But, David Chauner is also the author of The High Road: Chasing the Yellow Jersey. Now, I read of a lot of cycling books and RARELY come across a novel, let alone one that from the first page keeps me glued to the characters, plot, and outcome. This book needs to become a movie! It deserves a big screen to portray the amazing story of young Kurt DuFour and his quest for maillot jeune.

We’ll talk with Dave about a bit of American cycling history, the new World Cycling League, and of course, his book, High Road. So, sit back and get ready for a fascinating discussion with Dr. Roger Kruse.