Show #414 – August 18, 2018

Guests: Linda Poon; Greg Priddy; Jim Cummins & LeLan Dains

Ah yes 8-18-18… for those who like such things!

This week, it’s a chat about the road cyclist’s worst nightmare – right hooks! EXCEPT, this is about a study that is trying to figure out how and why these things are happening.

Linda Poon from CityLab’s August 13th article, Science Tackles the Right Hook; Biking’s Most Feared Crash, looks at the small but telling study that took place as part of a much larger initiative to discover how to change drivers’ behavior…

Then, our friend Greg Priddy offers his Op-Ed piece – “The Evolution of the Wheel” – from the what goes around comes around department of bicycle componentry. It’s quite entertaining and not untrue!

Finally, it an in-depth conversation with the founder and operations manager of Dirty Kanza.

Jim Cummins and LeLan Dains are 100% committed to this event and it shows. This past June, 2750 riders slogged through the 200 mile, one-day ride through the hills, mud, prairie grass, and gravel of Emporia, Kansas – and happily so.

The event is considered the Wrold’s Premier Gravel Grinder. “Hear All About It”.


Show #310 – August 27, 2016

Guests: Mountain2Mountain’s Shannon Galpin; Atlanta’s Byron Rushing; Greg Priddy

With the militant attack on the American University in Kabul this week, it is difficult to believe that there might be good news coming from Afghanistan.

But, Shannon Galpin, the force behind the Nobel Peace Prize nominated Women’s Cycling Team in Afghanistan, does have some good news about the riders and their quest for equality as well as a spot in the 2020 Olympics.

Shannon also weighs in on women’s rights worldwide and how Muslim women are dealing with the “duality” of being true to themselves as well as their religion while still trying to compete on the world stage.

I also talk with Atlanta Regional Commission’s bike and pedestrian planner, Byron Rushing. Atlanta has some big plans on the table for both short and long term biking options including a 22-mile loop around the city.

And finally, my previous technical producer and co-host, Greg Priddy has some sage advice for us based upon his 3-year ordeal with colon cancer. His commentary wraps up our show this week.