Hollywood Rides A Bike – Now It’s An “App”

Back in April,  author Steven Rea, who is also the film critic for the Philadelphia Enquirer, talked with me about his book, “Hollywood Rides A Bike”.  Well, today, he sent me an email that the book is now available as an app on iTunes.   He says:

“It’s a mega-powered e-book, with all of the rare and wonderful cycling-stars-of-cinema photos and text from the original Angel City Press publication, plus scores of new images and more bells and whistles, links and cross-media features than you can possibly imagine. Half the price, twice the fun!!

Here’s the link to iTunes to buy your very own app for your iPad:

Steven still collects photos of celebs on bikes on his “ridesabike” blog.

 A download of the show with his interview is below.

Show #187 – April 28, 2012

As cyclists, we can sometimes get so focused on goals, equipment, advocacy, and events, that we forget how much fun is at the core of riding a bicycle. This week’s show presses the reset button, and turns the Fun Dial up to 11, with two great interviews that speak to the joy of cycling.

First up is author Steven Rea who has written a new book: Hollywood Rides a Bike: Cycling with the Stars. Steven is also the movie critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the man behind a Tumblr blog about stars on bikes. As it turns out, you’re no one in Hollywood unless you’ve been photographed on, or with a bike.

After some cycling news Diane is joined by Rob Gusky of Kimberly Clark & Amanda White of the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation. Rob and Amanda are two of the driving forces behind the National Bike Challenge, which starts May 1st, and runs all summer. It’s free, and there are prizes. Did you hear that? Prizes just for riding your bike!