Show #366 – September 23.2017

Guests: Steve Frothingham; Don Ferris (encore); Eric Barber (encore)

It’s Interbike 2017 and so, I’ve snagged Steve Frothingham, the online editor for Bicycle Retailer and Industry News to tell us about the show, the product categories that are trending, and the move to Reno for 2018.

Then, since Brian and I are in Boston for the Builder’s Ball, I’ve dipped into the Outspoken Cyclist’s archives to pull out a couple of past conversations.

First one is with Anvil Bike Works Don Ferris. He’s funny, smart, and full of great information. Builders look to him for the finest in tooling as well as his knowledge of his craft.

I also pulled up the conversation with Eric Barber from Copenhagen Wheel. Since they are the “gold” sponsor for the Builder’s Ball I figured it would be a good match for the show tonight.

Next week we have a brand new episode of the show… but, kick back and enjoy this one!

Show #264 – September 19, 2015 – Interbike!

Guests: Patrick Brady, Joni Taylor, Amanda Batty

If it’s middle of September, it must be Interbike! And, so it was… opening last Monday at Bootleg Canyon outside of Las Vegas, the annual U.S. trade show had its share of good and bad press.

This week, we have the privilege of three perspectives on the show: two from journalists and one a vendor.

First up is my friend and often the eyes and ears of events I can’t attend, Red Kite Prayer’s Patrick Brady.  As always, Patrick has a keen sense of what is trending and where the market is strong.  Patrick gives us his review of the new SRAM Red electronic shifting group, where he sees the eBike market heading, and some insight into the size and scope of the show.

Then, we talk with a really good friend of mine and the U.S. importer/owner of TexMarket, Joni Taylor.  As Joni says, “we’re the biggest apparel manufacturer no one has ever heard about”.  And, it’s true. TexMarket offers concept to finished product on a large or small scale from fine Italian fabrics for shops, groups, and most of the teams you see on the road.  Because of her long association with the bicycle industry, Joni has yet another unique perspective on this year’s show as well as the incident we are calling “SOCKGATE”.

So, after our news, we will talk about “sockgate” with journalist Amanda Batty.  You may remember our conversation with Amanda a few months ago when she was summarily pushed out of Pink Bike for her stand against what she termed the misogynist attitudes among those she worked for at Pink Bike and her commentary about it. Which circles right back around to Patrick Brady who stood right up for her in his column “Too Many White Guys” in Red Kite Prayer.

Forgoing Interbike this year – for a variety of reasons – Amanda gives us her take on the “scandal” and once again painstakingly explains why the industry should be looking forward – not back!

So… want to know more about Interbike 2015? Here we go….

Show #211 – September 13, 2014

Guests: Robin Bylenga, Richard Fries , David Trimble

September 13th and it’s FALL here in NE Ohio! Temps are cool, winds are blowin’, and the leaves have started turning colors.

September is also Interbike time and we will hear about this year’s event from a colleague of mine from Greenville, SC. Robin Bylenga is the proprietor of Pedal Chic. Robin gives us a glimpse into what the industry is offering for 2015 as well as her thoughts about the IBD and what s/he is up against when it comes to competing with on line marketers.

Richard Fries, who is one of our perennial favorite guests, will fill us in on what he’s been up to including an opportunity to announce the UCI Para Cycling World Championship races for television audiences. He shares his work with Anthony Shriver and the Best Buddies Challenge and gives us an update on the Providence CycloCross progress toward becoming a World Cup event.

Finally, we will speak with David Trimble, the director and founder of the Red Hook Criterium Series. Starting with a simple birthday ride idea back in 2008, the Red Hook has become one of the premiere non-sanctioned events growing from one race in Brooklyn, NY to a worldwide series. The final race of 2014 will be held in Milano, Italy next month.

So, hang on to your handlebars and we’re off to Las Vegas!

Show #161 – September 21, 2013



This week, Diane was away at Interbike, and the John Carroll football Blue Streaks are playing under the lights (which means we’re podcast-only today). So we thought this would be a good time to take a breath and reflect.

Just over three years ago, The Outspoken Cyclist began with Diane’s interview of Ben Serotta, who was at that time the CEO of Serotta Cycles. Ben was recently ousted by new ownership at Serotta, and he’s getting on with the next chapters in his life. This week we present an encore of that conversation, and get Diane’s brief first impression of this year’s Interbike.

Next week, we return with an all-new show, in on-air, web-stream, and podcast formats, featuring interviews captured at Interbike.

Show #159 – September 7, 2013



New Year!  Happy New Year to all who celebrate and happy new year for The Outspoken Cyclist as we begin year #4 on air.

Having said that, we are not “on air” this week – we are #PodcastOnly – WJCU is broadcasting the first football game of the new school year.  So… you can pick this up early 5:30pm EDT instead of 6:30pm.

This week, we are speaking with Pat Hus, show director for Interbike.  Interbike is less two weeks away and a lot of new things are happening for 2013 including a new venue (Mandalay Bay) and the first, ever Consumer Day (Friday, September 20th).

I also have a conversation with Chris Smith – Lazer Sports PR “Helmeteer” (that’s like Mouseketeer without ears!)  Lazer has upped the ante at the wildly popular CrossVegas 2013 Races this year by matching the men’s purse for the Elite Women’s Race.  Lazer is a huge supporter of all types of riding – from grass roots to elite racing!

Enjoy the show!

Leaving Las Vegas

Whew – sitting at McCarran Airport waiting to board our plane to Denver on the first leg to get home!

Still have a lot of sorting out to do – it’s always a whirlwind trip with a sensory overload from the moment the wheels touch down in Las Vegas until we get on the plane and push back fromt he gate.

Greg is editing all the interviews I did and I want to thank Clovis Long from  Mustache Power Productions for all his assistance in the video/audio booth.  And, a big shout out to David Bernstein, MR. Fredcast himself for gtting all my time scheduled.

There were a couple of opportunities I uunfortunately missed including a press conference with the legend Miguel Indurain and Eddy Merckx… Eddy won’t offer interviews in English; the Indurain opportunity came to my attention too late.

The truth is that a lot of celebrities, from gold medal BMX riders to world champion triathletes weren’t always where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there.  Sometimes, it was just a huge comflict of time.  <sigh>

But, I will be getting a lot of interviews from some great cycling personalities going forward and there are some fabulous books just released from Velo Press for holiday gift giving.

So, tune in tomorrow evening for our show and hear the first of the Interbike 2012 conversations.