Show #396 – April 14, 2018

Guests: Josh Hartman; J. Allard

This week, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with one of our Olympic track hopefuls (if not shoe-in!) Josh Hartman.

He’s only 19 – but, his career is on a trajectory that will add to the gold and silver medals he already has as a national sprint champion.

Not all was this rosy though when, in 2013, he had a horrific crash at the Red Hook Criterium. It landed him in a medically induced coma for several weeks followed by a lengthy hospital stay. You can see and hear about this chapter of life at Watch the short documentary Scar.

After some serious convincing, his parents relented to letting Josh get back on a bike and follow his dream.

After a break, we talk with J. Allard from Project 529. In our conversation, J. goes into detail about what happens when your bike goes missing and how, with the help of his free app 529Garage, you can add your bike to the registry and get help from the vast community of law enforcement as well as other riders if your bike is stolen.