Show #432 – December 22, 2018

As Florida prepares to pass a bill that will not only ban texting and driving, but also forbids even touching the screen or holding the phone, two more cyclists were hit and killed by motorists.

One step forward and two steps back!

Matt Austin is the evening news anchor at WKMG – Channel 6 in Orlando, Florida and he is a BIG proponent of any and all distracted driving regulations that will crack down on the dangerous habit.

Matt has a chilling story to tell and explains why he and his television station have gotten solidly behind the upcoming legislation. Will it pass? He’s my first guest on the show this week.

Then we revisit Drew Guldalian, owner of Engin Cycles and the Wissahickon retail store in Philadelphia.

Last week, when we spoke with Jim Kersten from CABDA, I got a sense of hope and inspiration for a resurgence of the IBD. This week, Drew has quite a different tale to tell.

We also talk about what direction he’s heading and about the bike he, along with Rody Walter from Groovy Cycleworks, built up for the iconic titanium master Gary Helfrich.

Lastly, we finally get to have our chat with tandem couple Tracy and Peter Flucke.

As a stoker myself, I always find other tandem adventurers stories really interesting; and this one is definitely that – and more.

Riding together for well over 20 years, they’ve already made 3 long-distance trips. Their 2014 book, Coast to Coast on a Tandem, details that first cross country trip in a he says-she says day-by-day entry from their on the road diaries

We chat about all kinds of things including what they’ve learned from those tandem trips, about riding long distances, and about each other

Show #431 – December 15, 2018

Guests: Kate Koch; Jim Kersten; Tom Howard

When Kate Koch decided to adopt her first child out of the Columbus, Ohio foster care system in 2008, little did she know that an innocent question for her caseworker – “what kinds of gifts can we give to foster kids” – would lead to an amazing project.

Armed with $1,000 and a wish to bring bicycles to kids who might never otherwise have a chance to own a bike, her Bike Lady organization has expanded and grown beyond her wildest dreams. It’s a really “feel good” story for the holidays.

Then, after the news of Emerald Expositions shutting down the 36 year old industry trade show Interbike, I decided to chat with someone whose small, regional efforts are quickly filling in the space that might otherwise have left a gaping hole in the industry.

Jim Kersten is the president of CABDA (The Chicago Area Bicycle Dealer’s Association) and the director of both CABDA midwest and now, CABDA west! His perspectives on the dealer, the business, and how HIS trade shows work is quite refreshing!

Finally, there is a new trail on the horizon! The Birthplace of America Trail is about to break ground in Virginia and will eventually travel 42 miles to the Atlantic at Virginia Beach. Along the way, it will pass through some beautiful small towns and connect with the Virginia Capital Trail, already seeing more than 1M cyclists per year.

Tom Howard is the chairman of the Tidewater Trails Alliance and the spokesperson for the project.