Show #570 – August 28, 2021

Guests: Jim Sayer; Jamie Schanbaum & Dr. Iriny Salib

My first guest is Jim Sayer. Jim was the Executive Director of the Adventure Cycling Association or 15 years, stepping down at the start of 2020.

Now, he’s on a bicycling tour to complete the perimeter ride he’s been working on for many years. One of his stops was right here in NE Ohio and we invited him to stay with us.

On his way into town, Jim wheeled into Brian’s shop about noon and after some mech work, he headed on over to the house for a shower, a beer, and a chat before we all had dinner.

We talked about a lot of things – his time at ACA, his work in non-profit, and the climate advocacy that he’s raising funds for on this trip.

He is diligently recording his thoughts about his trip, accompanied by lots of photos and a few videos, on his FB page.

We sent him on his way the next morning after a hearty breakfast and a morning rain storm. You can see a photo of him and find the links to the organizations we talked about –, the sunrise movement, and . And, by the way, Jim did get his tahinii milkshake from Tommy’s.

Our second conversation is a serious one.

I don’t know if you’ve been watching the paralympics, but these athletes are something else!

And today, we speak with a past gold medal paralympian cyclist by the name of Jamie Schanbaum. Her story is nothing short of amazing, if not terrifying.
Jamie, who is a spokesperson for G-S-K and Dr. Iriny Salib, who is a vaccine researcher and educator at GSK. are both passionate about immunizations and educating people about the disease that can afflict teens and young adults.

Before her first semester of college was barely underway, Jamie found herself in a hospital, fighting for her life with what was quickly diagnosed as meningitis – and just the word strikes terror.

Jamie survived and left the hospital after seven months – but, had to have her fingers and both of her legs amputated to save her life.

A long time bike commuter, she thought she’d never ride a bike again – but, as she tells us – she’s “adaptive” and she went on to not only ride again, but win gold as a paralympian.

Today, Jamie is a spokesperson with GSK and along with Dr. Iriny Saleb, encourages us to not only learn about the disease, but to get your kids vaccinated!

And if you want to know more about the importance of understanding meningitis and how you can protect your children in helping to prevent the disease with vaccines, ask your doctor about the two different meningitis vaccines or go to

Shoe #392 – March 17, 2018

Guests: Jim Sayer; Phil Taylor

Today’s show, which airs on St. Patrick’s Day, will be in “podcast format” only! WJCU’s annual 18-hour Irish Marathon will preempt all other programming today. BUT, our podcast shall go on!

This week, Jim Sayer, the executive director of Adventure Cycling Association, joins me for a conversation that includes a wrap-up of the National Bike Summit, what’s new at Adventure Cycling (a whole lotta’ stuff!), and a brief recap of Jim’s cross-country ride with his daughter Lucy last year.

Then, we cross the pond to speak with the founder of Bespoked – The Handmade Show in the UK. Phil Taylor, who is a teacher by trade, needed a bike he couldn’t find – so he built one; and THAT led to the first Bespoked show 8 years ago.

This year, the show kicks off on April 20th in Bristol, England with 100 exhibitors in the iconic Brunel’s Old Station. We talk about some of the the differences between Bespoked and NAHBS and learn about what exhibitors as well as attendees expect from the sh

Show #340 – March 25, 2017

First, we speak with our Washington, DC connection, Keith Laughlin, who is President of Rails to Trails.  Right after the election last fall, we asked Keith what he thought might happen vis a vis infrastructure, biking, and walking and he said it was “too soon to tell.”  This past week, the President’s “:skinny budget” was released and we come to find out that all the TIGER grants are slated for elimination.  So, what that portends for other transportation issues is yet to be revealed.  Keith gives us some solid information AND advice on how to add your voice where it will be heard – members of the House and Senate appropriations committees!

Then, we meet a Warm Showers hostess who is nothing less than amazing!  She’s 87, offers  a 7-person bunk-house for cycling travelers replete with breakfast AND dinner, and is in the process of building a “tiny house” – just because she can!  Carol Montgomery is one of my heroes and you are going to fall in love with her.

Lastly, it’s time for the Spring Classics and no one can give us better insight into the events, the riders, and the teams than Dan Wuori.  I always enjoy talking with Dan because he is so knowledgeable and I get to learn so much!

It’s a great show!

Show #178 – January 18, 2014

Guests: Eli Damon and Adventure Cycling’s Jim Sayer

If you got a ticket for riding on a roadway where the law says you’re allowed to ride, what would you do? How many of us would simply pay the fine and find a friendlier place to ride in the future? How many would actually retain a lawyer and fight the charge? Eli Damon of Hadley, Massachusetts found himself in this situation, and decided he would rather “fight than switch”. Because his eyesight prevents him from driving a motor vehicle, bicycling is Eli’s primary means of transportation, so he had plenty of motivation to defend his right to the road. Eli Damon joins us in the first part of today’s show to talk about his experience, and how it led him to become a bicycle advocate.

After the news and a break, we return to have a conversation with Jim Sayer of the Adventure Cycling Association. Even in the off-season, the ACA is busy working out new routes, updating their maps, and strengthening partnerships with other organizations to make touring by bicycle in the United States an even better experience.

Show #70 – December 24, 2011

Guests: Jim Sayer, Adventure Cycling; Leslie Bohm, Catalyst Communication

It’s December 24th, the stockings are hung, the menorahs are lighted, and the Festivus poles are standing tall. Diane and the elves were busy this week, creating a special podcast-only edition of The Outspoken Cyclist for your holiday audio feasting.

First we check back in with Jim Sayer of Adventure Cycling. Jim gives us his take on the current climate for cycling advocacy, as well as bringing us up to date on what Adventure Cycling has been up to lately. Here’s a hint: it’s more than just maps and tours.

In the second half of the hour, we welcome Leslie Bohm, Chief of Everything at Catalyst Communications. Catalyst works with makers and sellers of sports gear to improve the quality and impact of their marketing efforts. Beyond that, Leslie is a tireless cycling advocate. If you’ve never considered that the National Rifle Association might have something to teach the cycling community, prepare to have Leslie expand your consciousness.

Two conversations to lift your cycling spirits and give you food for thought on this week’s Outspoken Cyclist.