Show #498 – April 4, 2020

Guests: Brad Sohner; Joe Bell (encore)

Today’s show is a bit different from what I had planned as my guest, in Colorado Springs is recovering from being sick.   I’m not sure she had the virus; but, she is still coughing from whatever it was and so we’ve postponed our chat until next week.

One last item that came up as I was preparing the show this week; The Tokyo Olympics have a new date and have been rescheduled to run from July 23rd through August 8th of 2021.  There will probably be more announcements about other events this week.

Do you hear that?  It’s the sound of the Tour de Quarantine!

If you need a little fun – and don’t we all?  Brad Sohner is currently sheltered in place at home in Pittsburgh.  Brad Sohner is a well-known race announcer.  Brad Sohner has  taken his immense talents as a race announcer and, while peering out at the bike path that runs across from his apartment window, he began filming the riders who passed by.  Then, he added some commentary.  Then he added some sound effects.  And… well, I’ll let him tell you about the Tour de Quarantine!

The, it’s an encore presentation with one of the most respected and revered frame painter in the business.

Frame painting is probably one of the most difficult and perhaps least appreciated parts of the custom builder’s process. In fact, many builders don’t paint their own frames, leaving it to masters like my next guest, Joe Bell. If you ask any of his long time clients like Richard Sachs or Dave Kirk or Grant Petersen – there isn’t a better paint master out there!

Show #344 – April 22, 2017

Guests: Kimberly Moszyk Coats and Jock Boyer; Joe Bell

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

This week, we welcome Kimberly Moszyk Coats and Jock Boyer BACK to the U.S. and BACK to the Outspoken Cyclist, as they readjust to life in Wyoming after almost a decade in Rwanda, Africa as the force behind Team Africa Rising!

Speaking from the Boyer Family Ranch, Jock and Kim tell us about their “re-entry into American life, what we can expect from Team Africa Rising going forward, and about their plans to stay connected to the team as well as begin to look at new opportunities here at home.

Then, we meet the man to whom many of the finest frame builders turn to for the finishing touches on their masterpieces – Joe Bell. Perfectionist that he is, Joe tells us about how he became the most sought after bike painter in the U.S. and gives us some of his thoughts about color, why a bike is so difficult to paint well. and how he handles those clients who may not want to hear what he has to say! (He’s a REAL diplomat!) He is recovering from a broken shoulder and tells us that story too!

Sit back and enjoy another great hour of The Outspoken Cyclist