Show #232 – February 7, 2015

Guests: Shannon Galpin; Dr. Paul Dimeo; Joe Friel

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So… on with this week’s show.

After learning that two companies pulled the plug on their sponsorship of the Afghan Women’s Cycling team because of “fear of retribution” in light of the Charlie Hebdo bombings in France, I just needed to check in with Shannon Galpin to find out what happened, why it happened, and what can be done to get these brave young women the help they need so that they can ride their bikes. As Shannon says, when a 14 year old Malala can win a Nobel Peace Prize even though she was shot in the face for standing up for educating women in Muslim countries, these companies should not be afraid to offer assistance to others seeking their freedom and their rights.

We talk with Dr. Paul Dimeo, a Fulbright Scholar, lecturer, and researcher whose specialty is doping in sports. His article in “The Conversation” titled, “Forget Lance Armstrong: the next cycling doper might be your dad jumped out at me and I wanted to know more. Why do amateurs dope? What is the history of doping in sport, especially cycling? And, are things going to change? The conversation is enlightening!

Finally, I welcome back Joe Friel. At 70, Joe, who has written several training bibles and is himself an endurance athlete, recently released “Fast After 50. How To Race Strong For the Rest of Your Life”. Yes, he admits we all slow down; but, he also gives us great ways to stay healthy, strong, fit, and live a longer life by NOT succumbing to the thinking that older equals decline.  The book includes many short essays from professional cyclists, triathletes, runners, doctors, and sports professionals.

BIG show… let’s GO

Show #120 – December 8, 2012


Hanukkah is already here and the rest of The December Holidays are not far behind, so we offer you a ready-made excuse to put shopping and decorating on hold for an hour and indulge in some cycling time.

First up is Ira David, who is the producer and host of a TV series on cycling called Pedal America. The show is starting its second season on PBS, and the premise is to showcase various locations in the U.S. from the perspective of an everyday, or casual cyclist. Ira tells us how he came to produce Pedal America, and gives us a few insights into the second season.

After a break and a bit of news (including a couple of gift ideas for the eccentric cyclist on your list) we welcome back Joe Friel, who has written a new book called The Power Meter Handbook. Joe explains how a bicycle power meter works and why power is an excellent measure of performance.

Show #92 – Jun3 2, 2012

Track, Road and Tri: we’ve got a bit of each for you this week on The Outspoken Cyclist.

Ian Dille has written a new book with and about Marty Nothstein, entitled The Price of Gold. Nothstein is a former World and Olympic track cycling champion, who was known as a terror both on and off the track. Dille talks about the process of writing the book, and provides a few tidbits to whet your appetite for a good summer read.

After some news and a break, Diane welcomes Tour of Utah President Steve Miller. The Tour of Utah is billed as “America’s Toughest Stage Race”, and is poised to attract some of the top pro teams in 2012. Situated in early August between the TdF and the Vuelta, the Tour of Utah should deliver a treat for racing fans with TV and live streaming coverage.

If you’ve ever wanted to do a triathlon, but didn’t know how you could fit all that training into your already packed weekly schedule, Joe Friel has the solution for you. The second edition of his book Your First Triathlon: Race Ready in Five Hours a Week is out. Check out Diane’s interview with Joe, and then check out the first chapter of the book here.