Show #319 – October 29, 2016

Guests: Jacob VanSickle; Euan Wilson; Mighk Wilson

Great Show with 3 guests and 3 topics.

First up, Bike Cleveland’s director Jacob VanSickle talks about the Cleveland Refugee Bike Project. In its initial fund-raising phase, the project is “looking to fund a one-year pilot program, launching officially in Spring 2017. Before the project officially launches, the project partners – Bike Cleveland, Catholic Charities Migration & Refugee Services, and the Ohio City Bicycle Co-Op – will work together to secure the necessary supplies and develop culturally appropriate training curricula to provide to participants.”

According to the information on the fundraising platform,

Approximately 1,000 refugees relocate to Cleveland each year. They can provide new life and serve as an economic driver for our region, but only if they are able to access opportunities. Most new refugees lack access to a car, and many struggle to get around on a public transportation system that continues to cut service and raise fares.

The Cleveland Refugee Bike Project will provide refugees with a bike – an economic lifeline that can connect them to new employment, educational, and social opportunities. We will also give participants the training and tools they need to learn how to safely bike around the region. In this way, the program will help them to build a new life in Cleveland and guarantee that the city benefits from all the assets they bring to the table.

Then we head all the way over to Inverness Scotland to talk with Euan Wilson, director of H+I Adventures. The company offers mountain bike tours worldwide and just introduced a brand new 8 day tour to the Fjords of Norway they are calling Into the Labyrinth. Not for the faint of heart, the tour is rated “advanced” and offers spectacular riding along with breathtaking views.

Finally, we head down to Orlando to catch up with Mighk Wilson from Cycling Savvy. Mighk will be heading up to Philadelphia for the Philly Bike Expo where he and John Schubert will be talking about the instructional courses that Cycling Savvy is offering along with some current information about riding safely and confidently on the road.

Show #201 – July 5, 2014

Guests: Professional cyclist Jackie Crowell; Chairman of the Board of the new American Bicycling Education Association Mighk Wilson; and Patrick Brady

It’s show #201 and with it… we are introducing a new theme song. As Greg said “it’s ear candy” and it was time for an “audio redecorating”. Hope you like it.

This week, we are speaking with Jackie Crowell. Jackie is an 8-time National Champion on track and road, a coach, a mechanical engineer, and a cancer patient. Last year, as she posted her best time and place in some prestigious races, she presented with symptoms that turned out to be brain cancer. But, while she is still in treatment, she is living a life filled with hope, love, work, and cycling! Jackie’s speech at the Breaking Away from Cancer dinner at this year’s Amgen Tour of California will blow you away!

We also welcome back to the show transportation planner Mighk Wilson. Mighk also just became the president of the board of the brand new ABEA – The American Bicycling Education Association. And, that’s what he will share with us today.  It’s a new direction for the education of cyclists, drivers, law enforcement, and transportation specialists.

Finally, we’ll hear Red Kite Prayer‘s Patrick Brady offer his review on the new book by George Hincapie – The Loyal Lieutenant – Leading Out Lance and Pushing Through the Pain on the Rocky Road to Paris  – and you might be surprised by what he has to say.

So, hope you had a great 4th of July and are ready for another great edition of The Outspoken Cyclist!

Show #126 – January 19, 2013


The cheater being out of the bag, as it were, part of today’s show is devoted to dissecting the Lance/Oprah event of the past two nights. Who better to help with that, than a journalist once called a “complete douchebag” by none other than Lance himself. Neil Browne, recipient of the aforementioned epithet, and proprietor of the Brown Eye Report joins Diane to break it down.

After the news, we take a welcome break from the LA Circus, and talk with transportation planner for Metro Plan Orlando, and the president of the Florida Bike Association, Mighk Wilson. The FBA is planning a colloquium for February 23rd and 24th. More details here.