Show #483 – December 21, 2019

Guests: Patrick Brady; Manuel Tajada; Michelle Duffy; Dennis Markatos-Soriano

This week we have the proverbial smorgasbord of shows! 4 guests whose topics range from California, Spain, to Colorado, and finally to the East Coast!

Usually, when we think about Patrick Brady, we think Red Kite Prayer and road bikes, right?

Well, Patrick is wearing a new cap these days as interim executive director of the California Mountain Bike Coalition. In a state so large with so many different areas in which to ride, there are also a plethora of organizations that manage mountain bike issues. So, now there is CAMBT – And, with a new 501(c) 4 designation, there is a new mission – to improve and increase trail access for mountain biking throughout California by providing a unified statewide voice for organizations and individuals.

And, we’ll find out why Patrick is a great choice to head it up.

Then, we head to Barcelona, Spain to speak with Race Director Manuel Tajada about the Garmin Titan Desert Race. Who knew that upwards of 700 people have been competing through the mountains and dunes of Morocco for a week, followed by an entourage of medical assistance, restaurants, technical support, and a spa-like encampment each night?

About to launch its 15th year, the race will also see 5-time TdF winner Miguel Indurain join the ranks with the hope of finishing!

Then, it’s back to the U.S. to speak with the director of off-road events for Lifetime , Michelle Duffy. In the past year, Lifetime has acquired Crusher in the Tushar, Dirty Kanza, and recently announced the new Big Sugar gravel races as the organization looks to expand its already large offering of other events.

To say that gravel is the thing these days was perfectly illustrated when Big Sugar sold out in 4 minutes of when it was announced.

And, finally – Dennis Markatos-Soriano, executive direction of the East Coast Greenway Alliance brings us up to date on the progress made in 2019 on the 3,000 mile north to south – or, if you prefer, south to north – connectors that make walking and biking safer and more enjoyable.

Leaving Las Vegas

Whew – sitting at McCarran Airport waiting to board our plane to Denver on the first leg to get home!

Still have a lot of sorting out to do – it’s always a whirlwind trip with a sensory overload from the moment the wheels touch down in Las Vegas until we get on the plane and push back fromt he gate.

Greg is editing all the interviews I did and I want to thank Clovis Long from  Mustache Power Productions for all his assistance in the video/audio booth.  And, a big shout out to David Bernstein, MR. Fredcast himself for gtting all my time scheduled.

There were a couple of opportunities I uunfortunately missed including a press conference with the legend Miguel Indurain and Eddy Merckx… Eddy won’t offer interviews in English; the Indurain opportunity came to my attention too late.

The truth is that a lot of celebrities, from gold medal BMX riders to world champion triathletes weren’t always where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there.  Sometimes, it was just a huge comflict of time.  <sigh>

But, I will be getting a lot of interviews from some great cycling personalities going forward and there are some fabulous books just released from Velo Press for holiday gift giving.

So, tune in tomorrow evening for our show and hear the first of the Interbike 2012 conversations.