Show #355 – July 8, 2017

Guests: Dan Wuori; Brent Schroetenboer; Bob Mionske; Gernot Sauter

Should Peter Sagan, the reigning world champion, have been summarily ejected from the Tour de France after Stage 4? Controversy surround the “hasty” decision by the officials and it’s too late! Sagan was on a plane home the same night.

Velo News columnist Dan Wuori joins me to talk about the incident. He also reminds us that “Tour de Pharmacy” airs on HBO tonight, July 8th, at 10pm eastern

Then, USA Today journalist Brent Schroetenboer, wh has been following the Lance Armstrong case, gives us some background on the latest iteration of the saga as the November trial date looms ahead. Do the Feds have enough to convict Armstrong on the charges they are bringing or will we see an end to the controversy?

After Nako Nakatsuka was hit from behind by a car, she received a “pay up” letter from the driver’s insurance. She was suddenly liable for “backing in to the car and causing damage”. What ensued was evidently a comedy of errors adding insult to her injuries and the damage to her bike. Bike lawyer Bob Mionske and I discuss this case, what to do when you are involved in a crash, and how to prevent future litigation.

Finally, we hear from our National Bike Challenge Stories riders with our second audio. Gernot Sauter lives in Dusseldorf, Germany and as an employee of NBC sponsor 3M, gives us his impressions of the Tour de France, which started practically outside his doorstep.

Show #353 – June 24, 2017

Guests: Simon Marshall & Lesley Paterson; Zac Monnier

While climate change was our topic last week, this week we take a totally different road and look at how we often are our own worst enemies when it comes to success or failure – especially in sport.

I have a lengthy conversation with the husband and wife coaching team of Braveheart Coaching, Simon Marshall and Leslie Paterson.

I’m not sure it gets more qualified than these two when it comes to credentials and success. Their new book, The Brave Athlete – with the sub-title “calm the f**k down and rise to the occasion“, may sound a bit cheeky, but it conveys 320+ pages of solid information and advice in how to calm your “chimp brain”, balance your “professor” brain, and otherwise stop sabotaging your own successes.

If you tell yourself things such as “I feel fat”, “I keep screwing up”, or “I don’t handle pressure well”, you will find some spot on advice and a way to solve those nagging issues that keep you from success.

After my conversation with Simon and Lesley, we’ll take a short break and come back with some news stories – two of which relate to how athletes in fact do sabotage their successes, a possible big move in the industry by Rodale Press, and a study about how attached we are to our bikes.

Finally, we air the first of our National Bicycle Challenge stories today! Zac Monnier from Harrisburg, PA recorded his story for us and I believe it will inspire you to not only join the Challenge if you haven’t already, but to perhaps looks at advocacy in your City.

Remember that we are still taking 2-4 minute audio clips about why you joined the Challenge and what your goals are.  Email an mp3 to

Enjoy the show!

Show #348 – May 20, 2017

Guests: Jim & Maria Parker; Jamie Swan

This week Diane talks with Jim and Maria Parker from Cruz Bike. In addition to launching the T50, a new model, through a successful “Kickstarter” campaign, the discussion goes to their continued disappointment that USAT (U.S.A. Triathlon) won’t allow recumbent style bikes in sanctioned events.

Then, there’s the wonderful chat with Jamie Swan. A frame builder’s frame builder, a mechanic’s mechanic, and much more, Jamie is known for his dogged commitment to an exquisite result in everything he does. It’s a delightful conversation. We also talk about the Webb Institute and what Jamie does there.

Finally, a reminder to join the National Bike Challenge and record your miles. You can also record your voice for our NBC Stories. Just record a 3-4 minute piece, use the Voice Record Pro app or something similar telling us why you are riding the Challenge and what cycling means to you. We’ll choose twelve of them and air them over the next three months.

You can find out more on the NBC Facebook page.

Show #345 – April 29, 2017

Guests: Rob Gusky; Michael Haddad; Leslee Schenck Trzcinski

What a show – what a show!

This week we usher in May with Rob Gusky and the 2017 National Bicycle Challenge. With a lofty goal of 60,000 riders, Rob talks about some of the prizes – like a year’s supply of toilet paper! – the categories – such as corporate teams, schools, and clubs – and how Strava is integrated into the Challenge this year.

Then, Michael Haddad, a member of the Brooklyn Velodrome Vintage Wheelmen, tells us about the exhibit he has curated that will be opening on May 11th at the Italian American Museum in Little Italy, NY.

The exhibit, “Italy’s Golden Age of Bicycles“, includes 12 brands, a collection of great wool jerseys, a lecture by Aili McConnon about her book, Road to Valor – Gino Bartali: Tour de France Legend and World War Two Hero , and runs through July 2nd.

Then, we speak with retired pro cyclist, yoga instructor, and coach Leslee Schenck Trzcinski. Leslee, who now lives in Rochester, NY with her husband and daughter, tells us about her career, the crash that pretty much ended it, and the work she is doing with aging athletes, especially women.

PS – Remember, May is National Bike Month! Go for a Ride!

Show #269 – October 24, 2015

Guests: Bryan Ball; Bina Bilenky Trahan, Scott Fitzgerald

It’s Saturday so it must be time for The Outspoken Cyclist. And, this week’s show is crammed with “stuff”.

Besides the mention that Cleveland beat the wheels off Pittsburgh in the “National Bike Challenge” (by a mere 300,000 miles), Shinola also announced that a retail store would be built in Shaker Heights, Ohio opening fall of 2017. So, when we say Cleveland Rocks – we mean Cleveland Rocks! (And Rolls of course) (video is older, but lots of fun!)

So, whose on our show? Well, let’s start at the beginning with the man who has probably forgotten more about recumbent bikes and trikes than I will ever know! Bryan Ball is the managing editor of THE recumbent site
AKA (either brings the site up in your browser).

Besides a rich history in cycling, Bryan has also long been a writer and his book, “How Recumbents Are Exactly Like Beer” is one of the several topics we cover in our conversation this evening. Oh, he’s also a stand-up comic!

Then, with the Philly Bike Expo just two weeks away, I check in with show manager Bina Bilenky Trahan to find out what is new for 2015. Bina runs down some of the newer exhibitors, seminars, rides, and events.

Finally, after a “back to the future” news cast, we head on out to Idaho to speak with former bike shop owner and now author/publisher Scott Fitzgerald about his new book – and projects – “B Is for Bicycles”. Meant to offer grown-ups a chance to give their kids a sophisticated look at bicycles and bicycling in rhyme and beautiful illustrations, Scott giv

Show #244 – May 2, 2015

Guests: Emma O’Rielly; Rob Gusky

As you know, I review a lot of books and have the unbelievably wonderful opportunity to interview a lot of great people.

This week is no exception! My first guest is honest, brave, and tough. In what has to be one of the best books I’ve read all year, Emma O’Rielly, Lance Armstrong’s soigneur and the only whistleblower to allow her name to be used in David Walsh’s L.A. Confidentiel, tells her story from beginning to end.

The Race to Truth: Blowing the whistle on Lance Armstrong and cycling’s doping culture is the story of Emma’s journey.

In the beginning there was cycling and the love of the sport. In the middle was the opportunity to be a soigneur for U.S. Postal, which became the most famous (and infamous) pro cycling team in the world; and, in the end, Emma graciously forgave all those who tried their damnedest to make her the scapegoat in what is arguably the biggest sports’ scandal ever.

After our news we head on out to Wisconsin to speak with Rob Gusky about the 2015 National Bike Challenge.

Rob, who began as the liaison between his company Kimberly-Clark and the NBC got hooked and now is not only a board member of the LAB but also the president of the Fox Cities Cycling Association in Wisconsin.

May is National Bike Month and Rob tells us how to get involved in the National Bike Challenge and add your miles to the national goal!

Show #215 – October 11, 2014

Guests: Brendan Lyons; Shannon Galpin

Get ready for another great show this evening. After congratulating ourselves for beating Pittsburgh in the National Bike Challenge, we head on out to Arizona to learn about “LOOK – Save A Life – Arizona” and the story of Brendan Lyons and Lorena Evans. Last October the couple was hit from behind by a distracted motorist while training for the El Tour de Tucson. After a year of recovery, they will be awarded the Dedication Award at this year’s event.

We will also speak with activist and philanthropist Shannon Galpin. Shannon’s non-profit Mountain2Mountain was formed to create education and opportunity for women and girls in conflict regions around the world. in 2013, Shannon received the National Geographic Society’s “humanitarian of the year” award, and this month her new book, Mountain to Mountain details the work she’s done to help put girls on bikes in Afghanistan. The story is fascinating.

Show #192 – May 3, 2014

Guests: National Bike Challenge’s Rob Gusky; Cherokee Schill; NICA’s Austin McInerny

Diversity! Well, at least on tonight’s episode of The Outspoken Cyclist.

It’s time again for the National Bike Challenge and Kimberley Clark’s Rob Gusky will once again fill us in on this year’s event. All the 2013 numbers went to ZERO at midnight on May 1st and we’re off and riding to see which individuals, teams, towns, companies, and states will put in the most miles until the final “bell” at midnight on September 30th.

Then, we will head on down to Lexington, Kentucky to speak with Cherokee Schill. Ms. Schill has been in the news, on television, and unfortunately in court recently – charged with “reckless driving” – only she wasn’t “driving” – she was riding her bike. In what might be a precedent setting case, Ms Schill is fighting for her right to ride her bike the 18 miles to and from work to support her two teenage children and to stay healthy. Her pre-trial is in August, but this week the Judge in the case has allowed her to continue to ride to work until she appears in court – much to the chagrin of the County Attorney who wanted her off the roads.

Finally, we’ll check in with Austin McInerny from NICA – The National Interscholastic Cycling Association. Austin is the executive director having started out as a volunteer coach! He loves the organization as well as helping kids get on a bike. The Association is growing by leaps and bounds and Austin will tell us about some of the new programs as well as a special 5-week challenge grant in which Dick’s Sporting Goods is offering a BIG purse if NICA can match the amount.

Diversity – it’s what’s for listening this week!

Show #142 – May 11, 2013



Mother’s Day, CycloFemme and TOSRV are all happening this weekend, so you have no excuse for moping about the house. Also, no excuse for moping: this week’s fully loaded edition of The Outspoken Cyclist.

The well-worn meme in cycling is that Amsterdam is one of the most bicycle-centric cities in the world. And while that’s true, it goes much deeper than that. Pete Jordan went to Amsterdam to visit and was so impressed that he took up residence and wrote a book about the place. In the City of Bikes: The Story of the Amsterdam Cyclist is a deeply-researched work about Amsterdam’s long history with the bicycle, and the unique way people there relate to riding. Diane caught up with Pete during his book tour in the U.S.

Last year about this time, we told you about the National Bike Challenge, sponsored by Kimberly-Clark and Endomondo. The 2012 NBC was a huge success, and it’s back again this year, with even bigger goals and prizes. Rob Gusky, Kimberly-Clark’s cycling ambassador is on the show today to give us all the details. The 2013 Challenge started May 1st, now is the time to sign up and start logging your miles.

Finally, we welcome back someone who has really put his pedals where his mouth is, in terms of cycling advocacy in the U.S. government. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has championed cycling throughout his career in public service, especially during the past four years in the Obama administration. Mr. LaHood will be stepping down from that post in the near future, and we take this opportunity to say thanks, and get his take on what’s been accomplished, and what may be coming for bicycling infrastructure and programs.

Show #187 – April 28, 2012

As cyclists, we can sometimes get so focused on goals, equipment, advocacy, and events, that we forget how much fun is at the core of riding a bicycle. This week’s show presses the reset button, and turns the Fun Dial up to 11, with two great interviews that speak to the joy of cycling.

First up is author Steven Rea who has written a new book: Hollywood Rides a Bike: Cycling with the Stars. Steven is also the movie critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the man behind a Tumblr blog about stars on bikes. As it turns out, you’re no one in Hollywood unless you’ve been photographed on, or with a bike.

After some cycling news Diane is joined by Rob Gusky of Kimberly Clark & Amanda White of the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation. Rob and Amanda are two of the driving forces behind the National Bike Challenge, which starts May 1st, and runs all summer. It’s free, and there are prizes. Did you hear that? Prizes just for riding your bike!