Show #290 – March 19, 2016

Guests: Race director Martin Ernest Bruhn; Ride director Rodney McConnell

But, it’s also the harbinger of Spring and THAT makes me very happy.

Tonight, we are going to talk with two event directors about two very different events – and, we are doing that now because you need to plan for them in advance.

First up is one of the most enthusiastic, passionate, and well-versed-in-the-competitive-event-world race directors with whom I’ve ever had a conversation. Martin Bruhn is the force behind the Woodstock Women’s Cycling Grand Prix (WWCGP) in iconic and lovely Woodstock, NY. Racing through the magnificent Catskill Mountains, this WOMEN’S ONLY event takes place Saturday, May 7th.

Here is what Martin has to say about the mission of this event: to highlight the need for equal sportsmanship and attention for female bicycle racers in the male dominated sport of competitive cycling. That pretty much says it all, except Martin has some very poignant and interesting things to say about women’s racing from a perspective I haven’t really heard in the past.

After our break and some news, we head on our to Missouri for a chat with Rodney McConnell, ride director for a 4-state, week-long event that covers Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Ride the Fault Line does just that – it travels along the New Madrid earthquake fault line – though Rodney assured me there has been no seismic activity in a very, very long time.

So, come on along and listen to… Martin Bruhn as we learn about the WWCGP!