Show #190 – April 19, 2014

Guests: Rock Lobster’s Paul Sadoff; Entrepreneur Pamela Dorr

This week we’d like to begin by wishing everyone who observes them, a happy holiday – Passover and/or Easter.  Sunshine abounds here in NE Ohio and for THAT we are very grateful.

I wanted to create a show about the 10th NAHBSThe North American Handmade Bicycle Show – and come at it from a couple of different angles.

The first is actually from someone who did NOT attend the show in Charlotte, NC last month. Rock Lobster’s Paul Sadoff‘s reasons for NOT attending were first brought to my attention in a blog post from Bicycle Times Magazine. And, he expands on those reasons and delves into the custom bike builder world in more detail as well as tells us about a new collaboration between himself and the venerable Bruce Gordon.

I also speak with Pamela Dorr who went from apparel designer for Victoria’s Secret in San Francisco to entrepreneur extraordinaire in Greensboro, Alabama.  The NAHBS connection came from an incident that happened when her HERO   (Hale Empowerment and Revitalization Organization)  bamboo bike was Kidnapped from the Handmade Show and her story, her enthusiasm, and her successes will blow you away.

When you hear our show via podcast this week, you will learn about our new sponsor, Dodd Camera.  We welcome them and appreciate their support of our work.  When you are looking for professional equipment and advice about photography, Dodd Camera is a great place to look!

Show #77 – February 11, 2012

From the serious to the playful, and everywhere in between, we’ve got the spectrum covered this week on The Outspoken Cyclist. But before we jump into the cycling, just a reminder that the week of February 12 – 19 is Radiothon 2012 at WJCU. Radiothon is the one week every year where we ask you to support WJCU with a donation. WJCU is locally-grown, commercial-free, listener-supported radio that brings you programs not found anywhere else, like The Outspoken Cyclist. So please be a mensch and show some love for WJCU this week.

Now, on to what you came here for…

Our first guest is Republican Congressman Steve LaTourette, representing Ohio’s 14th District. Congressman LaTourette disproves the notion that walking and biking infrastructure is a partisan issue, and will be bringing amendments to the transportation bill aimed at restoring the modest amount of funding set aside for bike/ped projects. Diane caught up with Mr. LaTourette earlier this week, and he has some interesting things to say.

After a short summary of the week’s cycling news, Diane welcomes the playful and irreverent Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster Cycles, located in Santa Cruz, California. Paul builds custom, high-end frames out of steel, and even (gasp!) aluminum. Rock Lobster also sponsors a cyclocross team that performed very well in the recent CX Nationals in Vernona, Wisconsin.

Grab your earbuds, hit the trainer and prepare to have a one-hour workout fly by with company from The Outspoken Cyclist.