Show #288 – March 5, 2016 – the 2016 NAHBS Builder’s Panel

Guests: 5 Great Frame Builders from the North American Handmade Show

Bill Holland, Dmitry Naechev, Curtis Inglis, Sean Burns, and Erik Noren

Meet 5 great frame builders from my 1-hour panel discussion at the North American Handmade Show last week in Sacramento, California.

I talk with Curtis Inglis (Inglis Cycles/Retrotec); Erik Noren (Peacock Groove/Cake Cycles); Bill Holland (Holland Cycles); Sean “Burnsey” Burns (Oddity Cycles); and, Dmitry Naechev (Triton Bikes) – about everything from what they love to what they want!

It’s lively, fun, informative, and a little whacky!