Show #617 – December 4, 2022

Guests: Shannon Galpin; Dan Cavallari

This week we dive into part II of Dan Cavallari’s holiday gift ideas with a focus on cool things you might not necessarily need but wouldn’t mind seeing in your stocking or under the tree.

First though, we check in with my friend and colleague, Shannon Galpin.  It’s been a while since we talked and much has transpired since our last conversation. The amazing activist, author, artist, and human rights advocate is still working to evacuate more women, girls, and families from Afghanistan while helping to work with a variety of entities to place those who are stuck in a sort of limbo. There are also some women who have resettled around the world and still need help – with education, bikes, housing, and most importantly a pathway to feeling accepted in their new countries.

There is still much work to do.  SUPPORT AFGHAN CYCLISTS

When I log in to chat with Dan Cavallari, he’s sitting in his garage with a microphone and computer, only it doesn’t look much like the inside of a garage.  As a rabid product tester for a variety of entities, Dan’s garage actually looks more like the inside of a bike shop. 

This week, he gives us 5 picks for holiday ideas.  Share with friends and family! Dan Cavallari, The Slow Guy on the Fast Ride, joined me from his garage again. 

Here are links to all the products we discussed this week: the Bivo Bottle, the Pearl Rove Shirt, the Endura Riever bibs, the PNW tiny Pebble Tool, and the Tick’r Fit heart rate monitor strap.

Next time Dan and I will discuss those things you probably shouldn’t give a cyclist – so, family and friends – listen up.

We’ll also speak with Dr. Madeline Bonsma-Fisher.  She’s a physicist turned bicycle infrastructure researcher in Canada and her story is filled with fascinating ideas.

Show #375 – November 18, 2017

Guests: Jim Sonnhalter; Gloria Liu; Nick Legan

This week, we keep it local for the first of my three guests.

NE Ohio urban planner Jim Sonnhalter joins me to talk about a project in his home suburb of Euclid, Ohio that will add a new trail to the Lake Front.

Jim works for Cuyahoga County Planning and has helped to establish and begin implementing a master plan for biking and walking in the Cleveland area.

We’ll talk about the Euclid project as well as the scope of the Cuyahoga Greenways projects.

Then, it’s my annual pre-holiday gift chat with Bicycling features editor Gloria Liu. This year, we talk about a new “convertible jacket” from Pearl Izumi, a handlebar bag from North St. Bags in Portland, Oregon, some new light weight entries in the children’s bike market, and of course what’s hot in tech.

Gravel Cycling by Nick Legan
Gravel Cycling by Nick Legan

Finally, Nick Legan, author of the new Gravel Cycling: The Complete Guide to Gravel Racing and Adventure Bikepacking, joins me to talk about his book, his 7 years as a pro-tour mechanic, how gravel racing became his sport of choice, and more.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the show.

Show #283 – January 31, 2016

Guests: Gold medal Cyclist and industry maven Hugh Walton; 4-time successful Kickstarter inventor Brian Davis

Canadian born Hugh Walton holds 12 gold medals, qualified for 2 Olympics, won over 100 professional bicycle races, and made Pearl Izumi a household name. **

We get to explore his history as a pro cyclist as well as his long and successful career in the bicycle industry – working with Raleigh, Pearl Izumi, Hind, and Mavic.

Hugh suffered a stroke 4 years ago and after recuperating and getting back on a bike, he’s about to come back with a new on-line apparel concept. will launch on February 15th and offer the customer a one-off jersey – digitally printed – in three weeks!

The conversation is lively, fun, and truly fascinating.

** Note: There are not many articles or much history about Hugh on line.

After a break and our weekly news round-up, we talk with a 4-time Kickstarter winner Brian Davis. He finds his inspiration from the things that annoy him while riding his bike and, from his first project, The FixItStiks to his latest product The Weatherneck, Brian understands what makes a great product AND a successful crowd-funding campaign.

He also offers anyone who is thinking of starting a crowd-funding project his 49 Tips to a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign – sharing his successful ideas because he can!

Learned a lot from this one!