Show #329 – January 7, 2017

Guests: Jim Walker, Engima Bicycle Works; Jan Gierlach, Ridefor3Reasons

Show #1 for the year! Welcome and Happy New Year… I hope your holidays were fun.

First up, Jim Walker, managing director of Enigma Bicycle Works in the U.K. talks with Diane about his 4+ decade bicycle career, admitting that he is the brains and not the brawn behind the end products! He claims he is “useless with his hands” – and y et, he knows all the ins and outs of the handmade bike business.

Unlike most shops or custom builders, the client can come to Engima and watch the process from start to finish! There is even a “frame building academy” where a customer can come in and build his/her own frame with the assistance of the masters at Enigma.

Mostly a titanium fabricator, Engima also makes steel and stainless steel, including their own forks and offer full bikes in 15 different models.

Jim and Diane also discuss the “one time only” coffee table book that Engima produced in 2013, Seventy-Three Degrees – the world’s finest bicycle builders.

Then we speak with Jan Gierlach, an 18 year old philanthropist who has already raised $600,000 for his 3 charities – ALS, Hospice, and Cancer. His connection to all three is personal and heartfelt.

Jan’s interest in making a difference for each of these organizations initially came from a talk given to his school by Bob Lee. We spoke with Bob about his charity, Ride for 3 Reasons back in 2012. Now, Jan, who graduated a semester early from high school, will embark upon a 3,300 mile cross-country solo bike ride next month to fulfill his promise to those who have supported his efforts and helped him meet his goal.





Show #104 – August 25, 2012

It’s one week to Labor Day, and definitely a time in the cycling year when we separate into the ‘glass half full’ and ‘glass half empty’ camps. Is it almost the end of the prime summer season, or simply the threshold of ‘bonus’ season? Regardless of your perspective, one directive is always appropriate: go ride your bike!

Our first guest should have his picture in the dictionary next to the entry for altruism. Bob Lee and his Ride for 3 Reasons have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for cancer research, ALS, and hospice funding. Because Bob covers his own expenses, all donations go directly to his designated charities. He’s headed out on the road again in September, so listen for all the details, including how you can contribute.

In the second half of today’s show, Diane chats with artist and framebuilder Dave Bohm. Dave owns Bohemian BicyclesAcel Tubing and Joining Products, and a framebuilding school. That’s right, if you have 10 days and some cash, you can build your own frame and fork with Dave’s expert guidance. A heckuva lot more useful than that bird house you built in shop class!