Show #309 – August 20, 2016

Guests: Brent Bookwalter; Greg Daniel.

Many, many thanks to Sean Weide for his assistance in lining up our guests this week.

We begin with Olympian and Tour de France pro rider Brent Bookwalter. A bit jet-lagged from his trip back from Rio, Brent nonetheless offers us a great glimpse into this year’s Olympic races as the only American to ride both the road race and the time trial.

He got to see Rio from a unique perspective and tells us about his experiences.

Brent is also deeply involved with the Association of National Professional Road Cyclists here in the U.S working tirelessly for the rights of cyclists including salaries, benefits, and retirement.

And, to “give it back” there’s Brent’s “Bookwalter Binge Gran Fondo” in Otober. It’s a fun event for the end-of-season that invites everyone to ride!

After a break and news, we head on out to Colorado to speak with Greg Daniel, the youngest U.S. Pro Road Champion EVER!

Greg has been racing since he was 13 and his experience, even at such a young age, have shaped him into a seasoned pro. After his Championship ride, which has a story all its own, he was signed to the Trek-Segafredo team for the next two seasons.

His goal? Why, the Tour de France, of course!

Show #252 – June 27, 2015

Guests: Sage Rountree, Carmen Small

We are under a major flood watch today – so, it’s just as well that we are inside and safe! Hope you are too.

Taking a bit of a left turn today and talking first about yoga – a subject near and dear to my heart (and lifestyle!) Renowned yoga teacher and author Sage Rountree takes time out from the 5-day intensive she is teaching in her home studio in North Carolina to talk with me about her new book, Everyday Yoga.

Everyday Yoga is a colorful, spiral-bound guide to a successful home practice. Even if you have only 5 or 10 minutes a day, there is a short yoga routine, beautifully illustrated in color photos, that will keep you flexible, strong, and focused on your sport and in your life.

She has written 5 other books including The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga and Racing Wisely. Sage is also a coach, an Athleta featured athlete, and an ambassador for PrAna.

After a break we head on out to Durango, Colorado to speak with Carmen Small.

Carmen came to bike racing a bit later than most – in her late 20’s – and now at the age of 35 raced as “one of the boys” in the North Star Grand Prix last week.

When the women’s race in the long standing event was cancelled for lack of participants and Carmen was lamenting not only that but the fact that she had some extra time on her hands, it was suggested that she become one of the “boys” and race the Grand Prix as part of a men’s team.

Carmen is the 2013 National Time Trial Champion and has her sights set on the Olympics in Rio in 2016. We’ll also see her at the World’s in Richmond, Va. where she has a spot on the U.S. Time Trial team.

How did she do? (very well, thank you) and how does she feel about women’s racing? Let’s find out.
Enjoy the show!