Show #274 – November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving and Black Friday are in the rear view mirror and it’s time for another great show!

First guest this week is the U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Anthony Foxx.

With a real Surface Transportation Bill looking like it will actually pass, the Secretary is looking forward to getting some desperately needed resources for transportation initiatives as well as promoting safety for cyclists and pedestrians.

Coming from a big-city background, he understands what is necessary to get support and resources for urban projects and how much more needs to be done to promote jobs, rebuild our infrastructure, and to open up the conversation to keep funding for transportation for the future.

We have some news and chat and then we’re off to Copenhagen for a great conversation with around-the-world traveler Thomas Andersen. Finding himself with a short break from college one year, Thomas decided to try a bike trip and we all know what happens… he was sucked in – handlebars, crank, and derailleurs!

Fast forward 50,000+km, 6 continents, and over 1800 days on the road, and we caught Thomas at home before the next and final leg of his world tour – Africa.

How can he afford to stay on the road? I’ll let him tell you!

His blog exquisitely details each day – though Thomas will tell us how daunting that can be.

So – go get some of those turkey-day leftovers, pop open a beer, and settle in for another great episode of The Outspoken Cyclist.

Show #204 – July 24, 2014

We have a winner! Vincenzo Nibali has won the 2014 TdF handily… even did well in the Time Trial. I guess losing Contador early in the race opened the door for this quiet, determined rider.

TeeJay VanGarderen clinched 5th – just killing it in the time trial. So… another long, twisty Tour is in the books. Whew.

But wait… we have a BIG show this week! Pretty impressive stuff too!

First up is our Secretary of Transportation, Anthony Foxx, . With the release of a brand new report from the NHTSA titled “Safety in Numbers the Secretary and I discuss the need for better education for both drivers and cyclists as well as what Congress is – or more appropriately ISN’T doing about a long-term transportation bill.

We talk with WomanTours’ owner Jackie Marchand about the Around Lake Erie Tour that began right here in my town, Cleveland, last Monday. 26 women pushed off for the 14-day trip, the third in a series of rides that will eventually cover all 5 of our Great Lakes. Jackie also talks with us about who takes a “womantour” and why they keep returning.

After a break and some news, we come right back at you with Bryan Hance and his work to recover stolen bikes – even bikes that went missing decades ago! Recently merging with , Bryan explains how his new “twitter bot – isitstolen” works to return instant information on stolen bikes. Thieves might want to begin thinking about stealing something besides your bike in the future.

Lastly, we speak with 16-year old journalist Luke Allingham. Watching the Tour de France with his Dad and brothers in 2009 as the riders climbed Mount Ventoux, Luke decided then and there that he wanted to know more about the riders, the race, and the sport. Since then, he’s written for some high profile magazines, conducted a slew of great interviews, and manages his own blog.

So – get your ears on and let’s go….

Show #142 – May 11, 2013



Mother’s Day, CycloFemme and TOSRV are all happening this weekend, so you have no excuse for moping about the house. Also, no excuse for moping: this week’s fully loaded edition of The Outspoken Cyclist.

The well-worn meme in cycling is that Amsterdam is one of the most bicycle-centric cities in the world. And while that’s true, it goes much deeper than that. Pete Jordan went to Amsterdam to visit and was so impressed that he took up residence and wrote a book about the place. In the City of Bikes: The Story of the Amsterdam Cyclist is a deeply-researched work about Amsterdam’s long history with the bicycle, and the unique way people there relate to riding. Diane caught up with Pete during his book tour in the U.S.

Last year about this time, we told you about the National Bike Challenge, sponsored by Kimberly-Clark and Endomondo. The 2012 NBC was a huge success, and it’s back again this year, with even bigger goals and prizes. Rob Gusky, Kimberly-Clark’s cycling ambassador is on the show today to give us all the details. The 2013 Challenge started May 1st, now is the time to sign up and start logging your miles.

Finally, we welcome back someone who has really put his pedals where his mouth is, in terms of cycling advocacy in the U.S. government. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has championed cycling throughout his career in public service, especially during the past four years in the Obama administration. Mr. LaHood will be stepping down from that post in the near future, and we take this opportunity to say thanks, and get his take on what’s been accomplished, and what may be coming for bicycling infrastructure and programs.