Show #536 – January 9, 2021

Guests: Gersh Kuntzman; Chris Carmichael; Paul J. Lee

We have two guests this evening and, as promised, our new weekly feature!

My first guest is blunt, to the point, and doesn’t mince words when it comes to the Mayor of NYC and the NYPD.  Gersh Kuntzman is the editor of Streetsblog NYC and Streetsblog USA and this past week, he published a Streetsblog entry based upon a report by TransAlt about New York City’s Failure to Add Bike Parking, although it was promised, and what the consequences have been.


Then, we’ll have the first of four special segments this month on training. Chris Carmichael, founder and head coach of CTS Training Systems in Colorado, joins me today to talk about getting dropped – or, more to the point – NOT getting dropped!.


Finally, we head over to London to speak with researcher Paul Lee from Deloitte’s TMT – Technology, Media, and Telecommunications – division. Back in December of 2019, he and two of his colleagues published their research in a report titled “”Cycling’s technological transformation: Making bicycling faster, easier, and safer.”

Little did we know that a worldwide pandemic would ensue in the following months and I wanted to know how some of the predictive ideas he was talking about were still on track going forward.
So – of course, me being nosy and all, I decided to contact the head researcher, Paul Lee, to hear what he had to say.


Show #444 – March 16, 2019

Guests: Colin Browne; Angie Schmitt; Shaun Gad

This week we have 3 guests covering a wide variety of topics.

We will speak with Colin Browne, the communications director for WABA – The Washington Area Bicyclists Assn. WABA is one of the oldest advocacy organizations in the country, established in 1972, and reaches a broad swath of the D.C., Virginia, and Maryland area with a variety of programs – which we talk about in our conversation.

We’ll welcome back Streetsblog journalist Angie Schmitt whose article “Walking and Biking are Hurt by Lack of National Leadership: Report caught my attention.

And finally, we learn about a major expansion of the Gran Fondo NY series when we speak with Sean Gad, one of the founders of the GFNY Jerusalem.

Show #304 – July 9, 2016

When cyclist Matt van Ohlen, co-founder of BikeStock was deliberately run down and murdered last week in NYC, there was once again an outcry for justice for cyclists. And, according to Streetsblog editor-in-chief Ben Fried, the response was “business as usual” when police began ticketing cyclists near the scene of the crime the following day.

Since then, the car has been found – the hit-and-run driver has not. And, in fact, less than 15% of all hit and run crashes are resolved.

Ben joins me to talk about Matt van Ohlen, the incident itself, and the mood of both the cycling community and the police in NYC.

The, I walk with Doug Ulman, CEO and President of Peolotonia – purportedly the “largest single-event cycling fundraiser benefiting cancer research in the United States”. To date, the 8 year old, three day event has raised over $112M – all of which has gone directly to research.

Doug, who is a cancer survivor himself and the past CEO of the Livestrong Foundation, gives us some in-depth statistics and some of the amazing successes that have come out of the direct underwriting of clinical trials through the Peolotonia organization.

Finally, I talk with award winning adventure travel writer Jayme Moye. Her recent blog in titled “Cycling Passion: Why I Lost Money Reporting on Afghanistan’s First Female Bike Racers caught my attention this week and I wanted to know more about an adventure travel writer’s life as well as Jayme’s experience in Afhganistan.

Good show this week… let’s get to it.