Show #649 – April 23, 2024

Guests: Ian Dille; Tomas Castrillon

The world of bike racing, from the high school through pro levels, has been predominantly male and predominantly white, so when I saw Ian Dille’s article in Outside Online about the Richmond Cycling Corps – the kids from Cool lane, I wanted to know more.

Founded by pro-racer Craig Dawson in 2010, The Richmond Cycling Corps is not just about bike racing – it’s about community and education and giving young disadvantaged youth a perspective that expands their horizons through cycling.

Ian Dille is a journalist, writer, and producer and learned about the Richmond Cycling Corps some time ago.  When he had the opportunity to embed himself into the group in May of 2022, he did just that and wrote about it in his article for Outside “The Kids From Cool Lane Just Want To Ride Bikes.”

In the second half of the show, we head to Bogota, Colombia to speak with touring company owner Tomas Castrillon

Tomas’ company is Arriba! – and its meaning refers to both heights to which you can ride and a place to which you can ascend in the sense of consciousness in the picturesque surroundings of the Colombian landscape.

We talk about the country – and the safety of riding there.  We talk about coffee, and flowers, and gold mines, and food. 

His tight-knit team of 7 provides a fully supported experience in his two signature tours, Bogota to Medellin and a tour in the coffee region of the country.

He also offers non-riding partners an equally exciting experience.

It may be a bucket list tour you haven’t considered and perhaps after our conversation, you will.

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