Show #314 – September 24, 2016

Guests: US DOT’s Barbara McCann;  Arsenal Cycling’s Thomas Prehn; Ornithologist Eric Masterson

Hey – it’s The Outspoken Cyclist here!

Big show this week as we explore what’s happening at the federal, state, and federal level in bicycle and pedestrian issues with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Barbara McCann. Barbara is the Director of the Office of Safety, Energy, and Environment

Well known and widely considered the architect of the Complete Streets program that has been almost universally adopted here in the States, Barbara tells us about the Mayor’s Challenge Awards that came out of 2016 Summit for Safer People, Safer Streets last week as well as the new Federal Highway’s recently published Strategic Agenda for Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation.

With an eye on safety, Barbara tells us how important our transportation system is and what it needs to be doing to keep us safe and efficient going forward.

I talk with Thomas Prehn, author, former pro racer, and now inventor. His new product, the 4Sync lighting system, is a synchronized system of 3-4 lamps, adding to the pattern of visibility that the human eye will follow. Thomas’ hope is that this new system will add to our visibility on the road in a way that catches the eye of anyone looking.

Lastly, I speak with ornithologist Eric Masteron. Eric is on a 5,000 journey following the migration of the broad winged hawk from his home in New Hampshire to South America.

500 miles in, I catch up with Eric in Gettysburg where he tells us about the birds he is following and what he hopes to see and learn.

Oh, did I say that he is traveling by bicycle? Why yes, that’s the connection!


Show #164 – October 12, 2013


Happy International Observe the Moon Night! Here in Cleveland, the Cuyahoga Astronomical Association will have telescopes set up at Edgewater Park from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. There is still time to hop on your bike and do a little gazing!

Being an Astronautical Engineer, our first guest could probably tell us a few things about the moon, but Jim Gourley is here today to dispel some myths about the science of human-powered speed. His new book Faster: Demystifying the Science of Triathlon Speed is an in-depth look at what will (and won’t) make you faster as a swimmer, cyclist, and/or runner. We’ve each got a finite amount of watts; Jim can help us use all of them to go faster.

In the second half of the show, we have news of the pro peloton, rail-line litigation, a bike licensing attempt in Georgia, and bike banning in India.

After the news, Thomas Prehn of Cateye returns to talk about almost everything except Cateye. Thomas is helping organize a fundraiser to help rebuild the town of Jamestown, Colorado, which was a favorite destination of Boulder-area cyclists until last month’s devastating flooding and mountain slides. There is information about how you can help at and Thomas is also heading to India this month to help nurture the budding professional road racing scene there, and he’ll fill us in on that as well.

Show #67 – December 3, 2011

Guests: Jody Dzuranin, Consider Biking; Thomas Prehn, Cateye America

The calendar says December, but the weather still says October. No complaints here, and if the “weather suits your clothes” as the song says, keep riding outdoors. The three month indoor ride to nowhere will start soon enough.

The first stop on tonight’s tour takes us south to the capitol of our fair state, Columbus, Ohio, and a conversation with Jody Dzuranin, Operations Manager for Consider Biking. Consider Biking serves ‘people who pedal’ in the Columbus and surrounding area of Ohio. Jody will bring us up to date on their Open Streets initiative, and progress on the Ohio-to-Erie Trail, among other exciting opportunities for cyclists.

Regardless of how warm (or cold) it is, daylight is at a premium this time of year. Our second guest can help with that if you want or need to ride at night safely and legally. We’re joined by Thomas Prehn, President of Cateye America. Thomas has news about some very cool lights, including USB-rechargeable models inexpensive enough to fit in your Christmas stocking (hint, hint).