Show #284 – February 6, 2016

Guests: VeloVoices; Carlos Perea; Matt McNees

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That said, we have another hour of interesting, fun, and thought-provoking cycling topics this week.

First up we welcome the “voices” behind The wildly popular fan-based site provides up-to-the-minute information through social media, their web site, and twice-monthly podcasts on pro cycling. From coverage of the Tour down Under to the Tour de France, VeloVoices looks at cycling from your perspective. Kathy Hall AKA KittyFondue and Chris Carlson AKA Kiss_my_Panache, the voice of the podcasts, talk with me this evening to tell us more.

Then, we talk with Carlos Perea. From a hand-me-down bike as a kid, Carlos has come full circle to giving back to cycling in conjunction with his company, Yahoo – sending $55,000 in grant money to World Bicycle Relief in 2015 to help with their African Buffalo Bike program. His story is inspiring and heartfelt.

After a break, we head for North Carolina where we talk with professor Matt McNees about his new book, Sport Philosophy Now: The Culture of Sports After The Lance Armstrong Scandal.

Matt’s interest in how sport is perceived in the U.S. and why we have such a reverence for coaches, pro athletes, and the teams that we come to support began at an early age and culminates in the questions he asks and tries to answer in this new study.

Chapters such as: Childhood in Sport, Is Sport Fiction More Real than Sport Fact, and Did Anyone Win” will make you think deeply about whether we are going down the right road as a new era is ushered in with the appointment of Derek Bouchard-Hall at the head of USA Cycling.

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Show #275 – December 5, 2015

Guests:  Dan Wuori; Lorrie Tibbitts

The start of December is a great time to wrap-up the 2015 cycling season, and tonight we do just that with the newly crowned Prince of VeloVoicesSocial Media User of 2015” – Dan Wuori.

Beginning with the Spring classics and moving through the season to the Grand Tours and the Worlds, Dan gives us his insights into the who, what where, why, and how it was done this season.

Dan and I also discuss the effects social media has had to the sport, the participants, and the fans.

Then, after our news and a break, we head on over to Upstate New York to speak with Lorrie Tibbitts. Out of a bad situation with a family member, Lorrie and her husband became involved in the “Ride for Missing Children”, an event that takes place each June in the Utica, NY area..

According to the National Center for Exploited and Missing Children, almost 467,000 cases of were reported to Law Enforcement in 2014.

Celebrating its 20th year in 2016, this event attracts over 500 riders who not only raise funds for the posters that you might see when a child goes missing, but also for safety education as well as other programs to assist the families, friends, and schoolmates of any child who is suddenly gone or has been otherwise exploited.

The New York event has some pretty compelling statistics:
• Posters raised – 9,139,083
• Children Missing – 9,277
• Children Recovered – 6,644