Show #393 – March 24, 2018

Guests: Richard Schwinn; Joe Nocella

Richard Schwinn in the house this week!  Yes, Richard came to visit dealers in the Midwest, and he stopped in NE Ohio to visit Brian as well as chat with me.

We talk about the state-of-the-custom-bike-business, how Waterford Precision stays on top of technology, and of course we talk a little bit of politics (as it relates to the tariffs in particular).

Always a good conversation!

Then, it’s off to Brooklyn, NY for an interview with Joe Nocella from 718 Cycles.

Joe – architect, teacher, LaCrosse coach, and shop owner – had to make some choices and picked LaCrosse and the shop.

718 Cycles isn’t your usual suspect when it comes to bike shops and Joe isn’t afraid to try something different to keep the business relevant and profitable.

Oh… and did I mention Van Halen? Yeah – that too.

So, settle in for a great hour of the Outspoken Cyclist podcast!


Show #278 – December 26, 2015

Guests: Richard Schwinn, Maynard Hershon, Ross Shafer (this is an encore presentation of three of my favorite interviews from the past two seasons)

Encore! Encore! They shouted… and, so while we take the holiday off this week, we bring you three of my favorite interviews!

A name known to anyone who has ridden a bike for more than a few minutes – my interview with Richard Schwinn from December of 2013 is, as every conversation with Richard always seems to be, delightful.

Then we hear one of my favorite stories from my favorite bicycle story-teller, Maynard Hershon. If you haven’t heard him tell the tale of the “Nice Wheels” – (and even if you’ve heard it on another show), it is a beautiful story and told in a beautiful way.

Finally, I go back to August of 2014 to my great interview with Ross Shafer – the force behind Salsa Cycles. Only today, Ross is only involved in cycling on the periphery. His interests and his talents go far and wide.

I hope you enjoy this “encore” presentation of the Outspoken Cyclist.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!