My Lance/Oprah Rant…

Please excuse the rant… post Oprah

I have tried to stay neutral; tried to get all sides of the story and not become emotionally involved.  But, today I just lost it and the anger, frustration, and sadness just smacked me in the head.

Here is what I posted on Face Book a few minutes ago…

For the first time since this entire sordid saga began, I am angry to the point of tears. I am tired of everyone trying to cover his own ass. I’m concerned about the FUTURE of the sport – not the past. What Mom would want her kid to be a bike racer today? Who can a young rider look up to now? Consequences? It’s time everyone took some responsibility for his/her part in this and look to cleaning it up; not rehashing the past. Let’s fix this!

Open for comments! (And, thanks for reading my rant!)

2 Replies to “My Lance/Oprah Rant…”

    1. Yes, I read that; and, I can’t disagree with the author. The more upsetting nature of the Armstrong Saga is his utter disregard for others. Making someone else wrong reinforces that you are right; and, above all else Lance Armstrong wanted to be right. The costs go way beyond money.

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