Show #155 – August 10, 2013


You know that feeling when the temperature is just right, and there’s enough of a breeze to cool you down, but not enough to impede forward progress, and your bike is shifting and riding with the silent precision of a Swiss watch, and your legs feel like they could turn the cranks at this rate indefinitely? Yeah, me too. Rarely. But just often enough to lure me out in case today is that day.

And now on to this week’s show:

If you’ve ever wondered why your buddy climbs so much faster than you, or can out sprint you, even though you train just as hard (or harder) David Epstein has your answer. It turns out that almost all athletic achievement is, to some extent, genetically predisposed. The way our bodies respond to training, food and drugs varies according to our DNA. Epstein’s new book, The Sports Gene is loaded with information about how our potential for different sports is determined, and how it’s realized.

Our second guest this week is not a competitive cyclist, but he handily walks away with the prize for most interesting and creative use of his time. Rob Greenfield has traveled far and wide on a shoestring (or less!). His latest adventure involved a 4700-mile ride across the U.S. on a bamboo bike while living off the grid. Rob’s tiny carbon footprint makes mine look like a Sasquatch by comparison.

Finally, the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah is happening now, and Diane caught up with Sean Weide, the press liaison for Team BMC, which is racing the ToU. Diane and Sean talk about racing in the U.S., drug-testing, and the consistent success that BMC’s riders have been having this year.

3 Replies to “Show #155 – August 10, 2013”

  1. Hi Diane,

    I’ve been listening to your show for about 2 years now and really enjoy it. Especially enjoyed David Epstein and The Sports Gene. Makes a lot of sense to me.

    I had a totally different take on Rob Greenfield. My take on Rob is any issue to make it about ME! Having a cameraman follow you around, riding barefoot to get more attention. I’m guessing Survivor wasn’t hiring that day.

    I think guys like Rob are taking supporters dollars to support his self centered lifestyle, when it would be better served going to most groups.

    Diane, I am of an age like you, have been riding 55 plus years and remember the first Earth Day. When I was a ski bum in Aspen in the late 60’s, a lot of earlier ski bums had dropped out and they would point out which dumpsters had the best steaks, breads etc. So Rob isn’t even doing anything new. Even the Manson family dumpster dived. I am betting Rob’s parents didn’t feed him from dumpsters or leaking water hydrants.

    And renting out your $1700 apartment for $2300? Why doesn’t Rob live in a cheaper place, or under a bridge? Then he would be living what he preaches. Riding around on a custom Calfee, having his exploits filmed. I didn’t get the point that Rob was a cyclist, until their was a buck to be made riding around and being filmed while riding.

    It is nice that people have hosted him and done things for him. I am guessing that he has never hosted anyone from Warm Showers in his expensive apartment.

    I haul my groceries with a cargo bike, I ride centuries on my road bike, I ride all winter on my hybrid on studded tires. I consider myself a cyclist, and maybe by doing that I am an example for others. But the public knows when it is being tricked, eventually. Flashy shows of ego burn bright, burn fast and burn out and blow away.

    Steve Cropley

    Sheridan Wyoming

    1. Hello Rob,

      I am posting your message without any editing… I appreciate you taking the time to write it. I hope you will still continue to listen to the show.



  2. Hey Steve!
    Just read your comment. Thanks for bringing these things up.
    I also get my groceries via bicycle. I don’t own a car and do nearly 100% of my local transportation via bicycle. I am active in the community and will be riding in Critical Mass tonight. Biking is a way of life for me. I even started a community bike program in my community and used my own funds to get 20 bikes that are free for everyone to use. I have also given 10 bikes to people in my community to help them get around and use their cars less.
    I invite you to visit me in San Diego any time and see my life. My apartment is one of the cheapest around actually. Most studios go for $1,000 around here and I have a 3 bedroom for $1,600 so that it is cheaper for people to live here. It is a very modest home. I actually don’t even have a room in my own home because I gave it to my sister to get her out out Wisconsin. Instead I have a camper in the driveway. And yes I did everything I could to get attention. Because issues like bike advocacy, resource conservation, and food waste need all the attention they can get. That is what I am passionate about! Also I have hosted over 30 people from but not warmshowers yet because I learned about it while I was on the journey and I just got back 8 days ago.

    Many people need to see someone else do something before they think they can. That is why I make things about me, because I use myself as a tool to show others what can be done. And I do sustainable things in a flashy way to get people excited about it. Also I don’t take money from supporters. 100% of the money I raised went to sustainable non-profits in the 1% for the Planet network.

    So if you ever feel like taking a trip to San Diego my couch and any of my community bikes are open for you, my friend. 715-292-0879.

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