Show #207 – August 16, 2014

Guests: Nancy Gibson in Rwanda; Sue Knaup with a new project; Phil Burt on Bike Fit

After watching “Rising from Ashes“, which tells of the Rwandan Cycling Team and how it began from the aftermath of unthinkable human suffering in Rwanda, the “Cycling Hairstylist of London” Nancy Gibson knew she wanted to do something to help the team – especially the fledgling Rwandan Women’s Cycling Team.

After raising $5,000 dollars – mostly from her supportive clients – Nancy set off for a three-week ride around Rwanda. She’s about to begin week #3 and I caught up with her on a rest day at the Rwandan Cycling Center for a chat.

We’ll also talk once again with Sue Knaup. After being involved with both successful and not-so-successful non-profits for the past 40 years, Sue has decided to share her broad knowledge and deep understanding of the issues small, non-profits face. She’s taken all that knowledge and written a new book, “Cures for Ailing Organizations.”

From the smallest events to worldwide efforts to bring relief in any of its many forms, Cures for Ailing Organizations points out the problems and offers solutions that keep an organizations vibrant, healthy, and profitable. You can read about the project and perhaps get involved yourself – it’s a very modest amount needed to get this book to those who need it – at

Lastly, I head on over to London to speak with physiotherapist Phil Burt. Phil’s new book “Bike Fit – Optimize your Bike Position for High Performance and Injury Avoidance“, as just published by Bloomsbury Press this week and Phil’s no non-sense approach to fit, whether you are a top level pro or the touring cyclist, offers up some great solutions to most of the common problems the occur between you and the bike.

Phil’s work with the British Cycling was obviously pretty impressive as he took members of the team to gold in two Olympics and a first-place podium finish in the Tour de France. (It doesn’t hurt that Phil and I have very compatible philosophies on fit either!)

Enjoy the show!