Show #251 – June 20, 2015

Guests: Drs. Sijo Parakattil & Jamin Brahmbhatt “drive4menshealth”; Sparta Cycling’s John Eustice

Last week, we aired two interviews from 2011 – both of which were near and dear to my heart. I hope that if you hadn’t heard them, you did spend the time to listen to them. And, if you heard them when they originally aired, I think they were worth the encore!

This week, we are back with a brand new show and it’s a good one!

So, Orlando Health commissioned a survey that asked 1,000 men if they remembered the make and model of their first car. 80% did. But, less than 50% remembered the last time they went to a doctor for a checkup.

Two urologists, Drs. Sijo Parakattil and Jamin Brahmbhatt are the co-founders of “”, an endeavor to bring the message of paying attention to one’s health to more people than they could possibly see in their practices. So, they climbed into Dr. P’s Tesla – which always brought hoards of curious men around – and are on a 60+ stop tour from Florida up the east coast and then across the country where they will end in Los Angeles today – June 20th – bringing their message and answering questions along with local doctors in each of the towns and cities they visited.

Dr. Brahmbatt is with me on the show this evening to tell us about the trip, their message, and about the cool Tesla car!

After a break for news, we head on out to the east coast where we talk with Sparta Cycling’s  John Eustice, an ex-pro rider, a promoter, and the race director for the Thompson Bucks County Classic event in Doylestown, Pa. What I didn’t know when I first put the interview on the schedule is what we sometimes call the “Kevin Bacon rule” – where everyone is somehow connected to everyone or damned close anyway.

John is connected to Mike Aisner (our interview from last week) and Dave Chauner (our interview from two weeks ago) and it just goes on and on. And, John brings us yet another interesting perspective to what makes American bike racing particularly unique and challenging.

So… let’s jump into that Tesla and get on the road with Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt.

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