Show #272 – November 14, 2015

Guests: Jim & John Loughlin from TiGr lock; Author and Pro Triathlete/Nutritionist Pip Taylor

After our big shout out to the Philly Bike Expo as well as our weekend hosts, we talk to brothers Jim and John Loughlin who are the creators of a great product – the TiGr lock system. Now, locks may not seem like a sexy subject, but you might just find THESE locks about the sexiest looking security devices ever!

A the booth right next to us at the Philly Bike Expo, we watched in amazement as crowds gathered non-stop to check out these innovative, simple, and elegant locks.

Made of titanium so they are strong and light, they sport a simple patented locking system, come in two models and several sizes; and, because of the way they mount and secure your bike, might just make you believe that you need a lock on your multi-thousand dollar road machine. (Watch an independent review video of how they work!)

The Bow is available in small, medium, and large; and, the new model, the Mini, is an abstract of what you might think of when you think U-lock.

After a break and some news, we travel down to the Southern Hemisphere to speak with professional triathlete, certified dietitian, mother, and author Pip Taylor.

Sometimes, no matter how well eat, how much rest you get, how smart your workouts are, and how you monitor your vitals, you just don’t feel 100%. You often have issues with sleep and find that the results you were expecting – whether racing, riding long distances, or just going for a short run – just aren’t adding up.

Enter the gut! Your issues might just be related to the kinds of foods you are eating and finding the best foods for performance and health is what “The Athlete’s Fix” is all about.

Pip gives us some tips on how to find out our food intolerances, how inflammation is often the culprit, and tells us how to “fix” the issues. She also gives us some great recipes that will taste good as well as do good.

So, park it – lock it – and let’s talk with Jim and John Loughlin from TiGr Lock.

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  1. I can’t believe (although I really can), that Caltrans just realized the “turnpike effect”. This is a basic tenet of traffic engineering, especially in telecom engineering that goes back to the early days of this study of engineering at the advent of mechanical telephone networks. Rediculous that it took all that for them to acknowledge it.

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