Show #279 – January 2, 2016 – Happy New Year!

Guests: It’s Tim and I discussing “stuff”; Jacquie Phelan

Welcome to 2016 and the first show of the year!

Tim and I decided that, because there was so much more interesting news this past week, we would spend the first 1/2 of our show discussing stuff (very technical term) the we found interest.

For example, StreetsblogUSA has a contest running for the “best street transformation of 2015” and there are 6 finalists, including one in Columbus, Ohio. Here is where you can find out more about the “Streetsie Awards” and cast your vote.

Then there are the “Karma Kits” in Napa, California that are placed in strategic places along a variety of trails to aid a cyclist who might need a patch kit, tube, pump, or even an energy bar and emergency poncho. Andre Garcia, who is a tech at Bicycle Works in NAPA and the originator of the Karma Kits, is also vice president of Good karma for sure!

After a break, we head on out to California to speak with Ms. “Alice B. Toeclips” herself – Jacquie Phelan. Our conversation starts with an update about her husband Charlie Cunningham, who was critically injured in a bike crash back in August. Jacquie tells us how this tragic turn of events has changed their lives and what they are doing to cope as Charlie slowly works toward health. (You can help Jacquie and Charlie by making a small donation to their GoFundMe page)

We also chat about many aspects of her life – her interests, her cycling, the WOMBATS club, and her goal for 2016 to get to the World Single Speed Championships in Australia AND take Charlie with her.