Show #291 – March 26, 2016

Guests: Custom bikeĀ builder Mike DeSalvo; Urban planner, writer, and author Emilie Bahr

My guests this week are custom bike builder Mike DeSalvo of DeSalvo Cycles in Ashland, Oregon and Emilie Bahr, whose new book Urban Revolutions: A Woman’s Guide to Two-Wheeled Transportation, is full of advice, information, and inspiration for someone who is thinking about getting on a bike – for whatever reasons she might have!

Mike offers the full range of bicycles from single speed to full blown racing machine and gives us some insight into how the custom builder can have one-up on the big manufacturers in covering trends and seeing a market for a specific kind of machine.

He also likes pizza, doesn’t have a shop dog, and does love snow boarding!

Emilie, who lives and work in New Orleans, is about to go on maternity leave with her first baby and offers some very interesting insights into urban transportation and how things have both changed and stayed the same in New Orleans.