Show # 321 – November 12, 2016

This week we begin the first of our “holiday” shows with a delightful conversation about bicycle paintings. Taliah Lempert’s work is immediately recognizable for its style and color.  Her “statement” says:

“Bicycles are important, beautiful, and worth a close look.

Most bikes I paint are, or have been, used daily for transportation, recreation, messenger work and/or for racing, They are worn and customized uniquely,
being at once a specific bike and a collective symbol of empowerment.”

Her work has been applied to all kinds of “stuff“: magnets, coffee cups, coloring books, and T-shirts.  And, she uses her talents to paint custom bike portraits, much like you’d have a painting of your wife, husband, children, or pets.

It’s a fun and chatty conversation!

Then, we wrap up 2016 and look at the new cycling season with one of my favorite cycling journalists and man-in-the-know, Dan Wuori.  Author of the popular column “At the Back” for Velo News, Dan breaks down the 2016 season from the Spring Classics to the Olympics.

We talk about winners and losers, teams and riders, and who to watch for the upcoming year.