Show #324 – December 3, 2016

Guests: Tony Karklins; Siri Lindley

This week we talk about “Made in the U.S.” when we head on down to Little Rock, Arkansas to speak with long-time bicycle industry guy Tony Karklins.

Tony bought his first bike shop at 16. He became the head of Orbea USA. And now, he’s put together a crack team to produce carbon fiber bikes here in the States under the HIA Velo banner. (HIA = Handmade in America).

The “Allied” brand will roll out of the factory in early spring and Tony gives us his insights into how and why we can make the best bikes in the world right here.

Then, we head on out to Boulder, Colorado to speak with world champion triathlete and winning coach Siri Lindley about her life and her new book, Surfacing.

Frank Gifford’s marriage to Siri’s mother when Siri was a young girl changed her life and it took the help of a very committed and interested “coach” to show her the way to a happy and winning life.

Today, Siri is just that – happy and a flat out winner.

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