Show #326 – December 17, 2016

Special Guest: Richard Schwinn

With only a couple of more weeks until 2017, I thought it would be a good time to bring back one of our most interesting and well-received guests for a one-on-one show.

Richard Schwinn grew up in our industry, took a leave of absence for college, and came back when the company needed a guiding hand to navigate the changing waters of the 90’s.

Out of the sale of the company in the early 1990’s, Richard Schwinn and Mark Muller retained the Paramount name and factory in Waterford Wisconsin and Waterford Precision Bicycles was born.

Today, in the midst of a carbon fiber frenzy, Waterford Precision and its companion brand Gunnar, are a bright and shining star in the custom bike world.

Richard and I discuss a variety of topics from the current state of the business to the future of the independent bike dealer and more.

It’s a fascinating conversation and I hope you enjoy it.

4 Replies to “Show #326 – December 17, 2016”

  1. Great podcast! In regards to overstock on road bikes and having bikes that are not really used in real world….a lot of the bike shops (not all) still don’t get it with commuting, rando and touring bikes. Here in the north east part of NJ and in the Rockland County of NY, most bikes on the racks are mid to high end road bikes. Same goes with mid to high end cross/gravel bikes. Big push for the Grand Fondo but if I want to have a nice commuter bike all I see is a confused look from the poor kid working the shop. We’ve got it all wrong and I feel there is a big untapped market in Commuting that the industries still ignores. I don’t get what is the big issue on building a bike with fenders, racks and lights. Come on, this is not Rocket Science!

    1. Indeed! Thanks for the comments… high school probably hasn’t ended for a lot of people.

      Keep listening!


  2. The same goes with bike clubs, if the club is a “Touring Club” then why do most make such a fuss when someone shows up with a legit touring bike. It is like the end of the world to show up with one……Ithe feels like High School never ended……

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