Show #373 – November 4, 2017

Nov 4, 2017 by

Guest: Peter Weigle

The Concours du Machines 2017 Winner by Peter Weigel. Commissioned by Jan Heine

The Concours de Machines 2017 2nd place Winner by Peter Weigel. Commissioned by Jan Heine

This week, Diane speaks with Peter Weigle – for the entire show!

We talk about his time at the Choir School in NYC, his stint at Witcomb Cycles in London, his love of physics, and so much more.

Peter’s bike for the 2017 Concours de Machines in Paris, France, commissioned and ridden by Jan Heine, won accolades all around, yet didn’t win first place. (You’ll need to listen to find out why!)



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  1. May Bee

    The picture caption says “The Concours du Machines 2017 Winner”. Is there a sense in which it was the winner, or is that a mistake?

    Also on the page it says “Concours de Machines”. I don’t speak French so I’m wondering, are both “de” and “du” correct or is one a typo?

    • Diane

      Other than the dossier that accompanies the bike at the Concours, the bike took 1st place in most every other category. However, I corrected the photo. The proper title is Concours de Machines and thank you for bringing the error to my attention. I’ve corrected that too. Hope you enjoyed the show.

      • John Purser

        Concours des Machines
        Concours d’Elegance

        (I think that is correct grammar)

  2. RW Saunders

    Peter is the real deal…a modern day virtuose du m├ętal and every time that hop on my JP Weigle, it has a story to tell.

  3. Francis Chapman

    What a lovely frame you have there! I got my frame here:


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