Show #390 – March 3, 2018

Guests: Katie Compton; Lennard Zinn

Radiothon 2018 is officially over and we are awaiting the final tally… thanks to all who pledged support for the station AND our show.

My first guest this week is the incomparable Katie Compton. With too many wins to list here, suffice it to say that she IS the winning-est cyclocross racer EVER!

Our fun and lively conversation covers a bit of her history, her training, her philosophy on the sport, and how she manages her health to stay competitive as she approaches 40.

We also touch upon the racing she and blind cyclist Klarissa Whitsell did in the paralympics.

Guest #2 is Lennard Zinn. His new book – the 6th Edition of Zinn & the Art Of Mountain Bike Maintenance was just published by Velo Press last month. An enormous tome, it contains “everything you always wanted and needed to know” about the care and upkeep of mountain, hybrid, and fat bikes.

We talk about tubeless tires, SRAM’s 1X system, and the care and feeding of disc brakes – especially hydraulics.

After a short break, Lennard and I also talk about the current situation with the heart issue he has been very frank and open about both in his articles for Velo News and in the book he co-wrote The Haywire Heart.

Sit back and enjoy show #390…





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