Show #397 – April 21, 2018

Guests: Rich Thompson; Kim Perry; Molly Hurford

This week, I am sorry to report some heartbreaking news.

Many of you might remember my conversation with Jackie Crowell back in July of 2014. At the time, she had just given an amazing speech at the Amgen Tour of California and was in treatment for brain cancer. We spoke with her again in May of 2015 and I’ve been following her progress since.

She and her now husband Daniel had postponed their wedding until she was given an all-clear by her doctors and she was doing some great things coaching young riders.

Now, the doctors have discovered that her brain cancer is back – with a vengeance.

As of this week, the tumor that was discovered a short time ago has increased drastically in size and is heading for the middle of her brain where there are limited treatment options.

She is home and, while she isn’t up for visitors, would love to receive any support you might offer. You can find her FaceBook page, Jacquelyn Crowell or send her well wishes at:

162 Warren St. SE
Atlanta, GA 30317

Please keep Jackie, her husband Daniel, and Jackie’s sister Elizabeth who is there with her, in your thoughts and prayers.

Here is the show description for the week:

Our first destination is Virginia – Williamsburg to be exact.

We finally catch up with Rich Thompson from The College of William and Mary. Rich wears more hats than the average guy including one of the associate directors for the two student centers on campus as well as the professional advisor to the on campus Bike Alliance.

Rich and I talk about the Bike Alliance and its activities, the course work related to transportation and wellness, and more.

After a break, we talk with Kim Perry who is the ride director of Bike Virginia. Celebrating her 10th anniversary in the role as director, Kim explains the breadth and depth of this mammoth undertaking.

It’s the 31st year for Bike Virginia and there is something for everyone who rides a bike and wants a vacation. Bike Virginia is a 501C3 non-profit. The event promotes awareness of cycling, encourages communities to embrace biking, and promotes bicycle tourism. There are share the road campaigns, educational programs, and planning with local organizations on infrastructure and educational projects.

The Ride has options for how many days you might want to ride, up to 6, how many miles you might want to ride, up to 400, and how much fun you might want to have. Lots and lots!

We’ll take another break and then it’s off to somewhere north of Toronto. to speak with Bicycling Magazine and theoutdooredit‘s Molly Hurford. Last time we spoke, it was about a lot of the work that Molly does with women and young girls in the sport.

This week, I’ve asked Molly to share some of the items she’s found in apparel and accessories as we head on into the cycling season. We talk about her favorite three items – sun sleeves, the hiplok, and buffs – a cooling and warming bandana.