Show #401 – May 19, 2018

Guests: Grant Petersen (from 2013); Richard Sachs (from 2012)


Yes, this week’s show IS an encore presentation – based upon input from YOU!

First up, Grant Petersen’s interview from 2013 when his new book “Just Ride” was published. Grant is always an interesting guy!

Then, it’s my second interview with Richard Sachs, this one about doping, with some interesting commentary and input from Greg Priddy.

We’ll be back with a brand new show next week!


2 Replies to “Show #401 – May 19, 2018”

  1. I was the guy who mentioned Grant Peterson the other day on your Facebook site asking for favorite interview guests. I actually searched through the archives and listened to that interview while picking-up my son from college Saturday afternoon.

    I listened to the interview with Grant (again) today (Sunday). I enjoyed it and the discussion with Richard Sachs. I’d love it if you could speak with Grant again. There has been a lot going on at Rivendell since 2013.

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