A Listener’s Response to the Right Hook

Bob W. always gives me great feedback about the show AND shares a lot of information and stories with me. I thought this was particularly interesting in light of last week’s show.
My very first bike accident back in 1966 was a right hook.  A driver passed me on the left and then made a right turn in front of me.  I locked the brakes and went over the handlebars landing right in front of the car.  Fortunately, the driver stopped before running over me.  I was fortunate enough to be able to ride away with only some road rash.
I was also a victim of a left turn in 1970 in Germany while in the service.  While riding on a countryside road, a car pulled onto the highway from the right, right in front of me, without having stopped at a stop sign.  He continued down the highway slowly so I pulled into the passing lane to pass him.  I was almost around him when he decided to make a left turn without having had his turn signals on.  My Campy caged pedal (back in the days of toe straps) clipped his front fender just in front of the tire.  I was fortunate to finish getting around him without going down.
Those are my only two near misses in my cycling career.  I continued to ride the highways for another 25 years until a friend was hit from behind and is now a paraplegic.  That driver was never caught.  I, now, ride only around our small town or on trails.  Distracted driving really concerns me.
Grinnell, Iowa 

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