Show #456 – June 8, 2019

Guests: Nancy Hogshead-Makar; Cait Harley

As you know, we mostly focus our show on cycling; and, I like to think that you, the listener, is interested in not only many sports but also the humanity and the need for honest and open discourse around those sports and the athletes who participate in them.

Recently, there have been many heated discussions where a line is drawn in the sand – one side insists, usually very loudly, that gender discrimination, misogyny, racism, and sexism are rampant, often negating the best of intentions and effectively shutting down any meaningful dialog.

On the other side, there are some very well reasoned, rational, and legal discussions on the topic; and, to that end, have one of the best legal sports minds on the show this evening. Nancy Hogshead-Maker. Nancy won 3 gold and one silver medal in swimming at the 1984 Olympics and, she’s a civil rights attorney.

She is currently the CEO of Champion Women, an organization leading targeted efforts to advocate for equality and accountability in sport.

Our conversation covers a lot of ground including disturbing accounts of discrimination, flagrant violations of law, and some of the remedies that are finally being put in place – many of which can be attributed to the work she is doing.

It’s a fascinating – and hopeful – conversation.

We chat with Cait Harley, the active transportation for the Ohio Department of Transportation.

It’s nice to be able to report some good things happening in Ohio, especially in light of the dismal record we have when it comes to vulnerable road users’ fatalities – Ohio ranks a pitiful 40 out of the 50 States.

But, Cait has a new initiative – Your Move Ohio – and, with some statistics to back her up – offers some good ideas for Ohioans on the roads.