Show #459 – June 29, 2019

Guests: Christine Byrne; Gary Fisher; Dan Thornton

When LeBron James says it, Portugal does it, and Trek puts money where its mouth is, perhaps “more kids on bikes” will become a reality.

This week, we will explore this with two great guests – Gary Fisher – that mountain bike legend guy, who will fill us in on what Trek has committed to with not only NICA, but with a far-reaching plan for children. Gary’s mind thinks faster than he can aciculate all the ideas he has – and with his huge and expansive vision, Gary Fisher sees a big picture that captures so many many possibilities to bring kids back into cycling.

Then, there is the laser focused and contrasting vision of bike shop owner Dan Thornton. Owner of the three Free-Flite stores in Georgia, Dan jumped into NICA with both feet and has seen the growth of the chapter go from a fledgling handful to over 1,000 kids.

First though, we are going to talk about something every cyclist knows well… FOOD!

Christine Byrne is a freelance journalist who writes about food and nutrition. In her recent article for Outside Online, she dangled the question – are eggs good for you? And, being the curious person I am, I bit!

While we may not get the answer we thought we would, we do learn a lot about how these claims are made and how we can learn something about ourselves and our way of looking at food that might just change the way you eat – forever.

2 Replies to “Show #459 – June 29, 2019”

  1. Diane my sincere gratitude goes out to you on your podcast of June 29, 2019, for your mention of my daughter Robyn Hightman’s tragic death after being hit by a truck in New Your City, you advice to other cyclists to be hyper-vigilant on the road and for personally reaching out to me about this awful accident. As you wrote me, “There are no words that can console you – but, know that the cycling community mourns with you. May Robyn’s memory be a blessing.” She shall always be my pride and joy.

    1. Jay – thank you for taking time to mention this. I cannot imagine what you and your family are going through. It is always painful and upsetting to report on these incidents.

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