Show #503 – May 9, 2020

Guests: Zoe Zeerip; Eli Akira Kaufman & Barry Gribbon

This week, we visit with Zoe Zeerip, a young woman who, at the age of only 12, was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

For 6 months in the summer of 8th grade, Zoe laid on a couch in her home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan while awaiting an appointment with a specialist to figure out what the crazy spider web that was appearing on an X-ray film meant after a scope to her knee.

The diagnosis of idiopathic juvenile arthritis came along with some hefty pharmaceuticals chosen to help her chronic pain and inflammation.

Today, almost 10 years later, Zoe talks with me about her disease, how she is coping – including being able to ride her bicycles – and about the film – Joint Effort – her brother Zep made to show what it’s like to live with JIA.  (The film appears on the Creakyjoints web site)

We also discuss “Protect Our Winters,” the environmental organization about which she is so passionate!

While the pandemic has wreaked havoc with much or our daily lives, there are always a couple of bright spots – including clearer skies and less crowded streets.

Eli Akira Kaufman is the executive director of the LACBC and Barry Gribbon is the ride director for the LA River Ride.

They are here to talk about the organization, the 21 year old ride – and when it will actually happen next – and what we might look forward to when the “new normal” kicks in.